#Book Spotlight ~ Bollywood Fiancé For A Day by Ruchi Vasudeva #Extract @Ruchi_Vasudeva #Romance

What can possibly save you from cutting a sorry figure after being jilted by your very suitable fiancé? Well, if you could secure a Bollywood star as a replacement, it would be bound to still all the wagging tongues!

Studious Dr. Vishakha never dreamed that winning a date with Bollywood heartthrob Zaheer Saxena would land her in an unusual deal to benefit both of them. Zaheer wants to ward off unwanted attention from his leading lady and agrees to help her save her face. But she has to keep in mind that Zaheer can easily distinguish between pretense and reality before she begins to wish this were a dream that would come true…

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‘You want to go on a date with me?’ He directed a quizzical glance at her.

‘Isn’t that what you just offered?’

‘I just wonder what you’re offering.’ The overtly sexual innuendo in his deep voice, with that sensual husky emphasis on the last word, made her toes curl in her silver slip-ons. At the same time her breath escaped through her teeth at his brashness.

Well, she wasn’t going to let him get to her. ‘A real date.’ She dared to say, ‘That’s what you said and that’s what you get.’

‘This evening just got interesting, I think.’ The Zaheer Saxena brand was highlighted by the sexy clefts in his lean cheeks as he smiled slowly. She totally wished she’d missed that. Hazel eyes caught her gaze, the look sinking into hers slowly, like a knife sliding into butter. She felt the effect of it curl to her fingertips. With an effort she dragged her attention away. She knew it was a bad idea to go on this date, the way she felt near him. Or maybe quite a brilliant one if she wanted to seize the opportunity to…

To what? Lengthen the time she spent with him? Explore why little electrical charges seemed to be running across her skin every time he stepped nearer to her?

Ruchi Vasudeva is a doctor by profession, a teacher by vocation and an author by destiny. The writing bug long resided in her till the Passions contest held by Harlequin for Indian authors gave her a golden opportunity to have her dream realized. She debuted in August ’13 with her book ‘Bollywood Fiancé For A Day’. She writes romantic fiction with conflicted characters. She loves to write about spirited heroines getting hurtled out of their daily life as soon as they cross paths with their rather challenging heroes. 

Juggling job, writing and family life isn’t something she would recommend to anyone who wants peace and calm but at the end of the day, she finds it very fulfilling. When not bent over the laptop, she might be found with her nose in books or munching nachos at the movies with her husband and two kids or glued to the telecast of Team India in action. Sometimes she drags herself for long walks and surprisingly discovers they are rather good for brewing story ideas. ‘Romance,’ she holds, ‘can feel over-hyped in this day and age but is all too tangible and needed in life on daily basis.’

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