The Plea (Eddie Flynn Book 2) by Steve Cavanagh ~ Fast Paced Legal #Thriller @SSCav #BookReview #FridayReads

Author: Steve Cavanagh

Published: May 2016 by Orion

Category: Legal Thriller, Conspiracy, Murder, Book Review

Fraud. Blackmail. Murder. It’s all in a day’s work for Eddie Flynn.

For years, major New York law firm Harland & Sinton has operated a massive global fraud. The FBI are on to them, but they need witnesses to secure their case. When a major client of the firm, David Child, is arrested for murder, the FBI ask con-artist-turned-lawyer Eddie Flynn to secure Child as his client and force him to testify against the firm.

Eddie Flynn is coerced by CIA agent Lester Dell into getting himself hired by David Child, billionaire owner of a massive social media network, as his lawyer.

Child is accused of first degree murder and Dell wants him to make a deal—testify against a prestigious law firm for a lesser sentence or risk a much longer incarceration. If Eddie and Child don’t cooperate, Dell has information that will not bode well for Eddie’s wife. Christine works for Harland and Sinton, a front for a huge money laundering operation. David Child designed an algorithm that tracks the firm’s funds, but that seems to have been tampered with, and Christine witnessed a document with no idea it would implicate her in fraud. Add to the mix a district attorney who just wants a quick conviction to further his career and Eddie is in a very tricky situation.

Even though the evidence against Child seems to be watertight, after speaking with him, Eddie doesn’t believe he’s guilty. 

With my experience I could normally spot a lie a mile away. I expected Child to be an excellent liar, a man I would have to study before I would be able to spot his tells. I’d underestimated him. He was a mass of nerves, shock, and guilt. That made him damn near impossible to read. So I had to rely on my gut instead.

My first impression—this guy was no killer. But I’d been wrong before.

After a surprising opening the tension begins to build as Eddie is on a forty-eight hour countdown, via the chapter headings, to the gun shot that opens the story. With the help of his unconventional and interesting group of friends, Eddie works under pressure to get Child’s case thrown out and find out who the real villains are.

A fast paced, well constructed courtroom drama, with an engaging protagonist it would be hard not to like—well defined, multi layered and with a strong moral code but not without flaws. Con man turned lawyer, Eddie needs every one of his skills, legal or otherwise, to save his family, himself and David Child. He has no intention of letting an innocent man, or his wife, go to prison. 

“I saw through Dell’s game. It was a familiar one. It’s a game the justice system plays every single day in America–because sometimes it simply doesn’t matter if you’re innocent of the crime; the only smart move is to plead guilty and make a deal for a lesser sentence.”

The story covers tense courtroom scenes and Eddie’s attempts to find out the truth in a non stop, fast paced narrative. Yes, reality has to be suspended up to a point, it doesn’t really seem feasible that all this took place over two days but…I enjoyed the first book very much, the first person perspective drew me in, getting into Eddie’s mind and being privy to his thoughts. The drama in the courtroom is a delight to read, and the whole thing is intricately plotted. The ‘con’ tricks Eddie learned from his father adds another unusual dimension. It has everything a good thriller should—murder, fraud, double-dealing, twists and flashes of humour. 

Steve Cavanagh is a critically acclaimed, award-winning author and lawyer. He is also one half of the Two Crime Writers and a Microphone podcast. His latest novel, Thirteen, is out in ebook now and paperback in June.

10 thoughts on “The Plea (Eddie Flynn Book 2) by Steve Cavanagh ~ Fast Paced Legal #Thriller @SSCav #BookReview #FridayReads

  1. Great review. I got a copy of Thirteen from Netgalley – I didn’t realise at the time it was part of a series – and I have to read series in order, so it’s great to hear the earlier books are fab.

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