23 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday ~ Proud Parents with Their Brood #Photography

  1. It was my daughter’s 16th birthday last week and we went for a lovely picnic by the river in Stratford. As we were having lunch a massive swan waddled up and literally pinched her Tuna and Sweetcorn sandwich – packaging and all!! I did manage to get it back 😉 I couldn’t stop laughing at the look on my daughter’s face.

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    • Oh my goodness! I haven’t seen a swan do that but walking through town the other day a gull pinched a sandwich out of a man’s mouth as took a bite. He wasn’t very pleased! There was a lot of 🤬going on
      You chose a lovely place for a picnic, hope it hasn’t put your daughter off.

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      • Oh wow! It’s like living in a Hitchcock movie lol 😆 Ella wasn’t put off luckily, I just kept giggling. I wished I’d had my phone handy to take a picture. Seeing a swan with an M&S tuna sandwich in its mouth was hilarious! I also hadn’t realised how big these birds are!!

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