23 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday ~ Proud Parents with Their Brood #Photography

  1. It was my daughter’s 16th birthday last week and we went for a lovely picnic by the river in Stratford. As we were having lunch a massive swan waddled up and literally pinched her Tuna and Sweetcorn sandwich – packaging and all!! I did manage to get it back 😉 I couldn’t stop laughing at the look on my daughter’s face.

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    1. Oh my goodness! I haven’t seen a swan do that but walking through town the other day a gull pinched a sandwich out of a man’s mouth as took a bite. He wasn’t very pleased! There was a lot of 🤬going on
      You chose a lovely place for a picnic, hope it hasn’t put your daughter off.

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      1. Oh wow! It’s like living in a Hitchcock movie lol 😆 Ella wasn’t put off luckily, I just kept giggling. I wished I’d had my phone handy to take a picture. Seeing a swan with an M&S tuna sandwich in its mouth was hilarious! I also hadn’t realised how big these birds are!!

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      1. It sounds like Glan y Mor Elias Nature Reserve, which is reached from Llanfairfechan prom by going through a kissing gate. I know there’s a boating lake there. Yes indeed, swans are big birds. My youngest Labrador, Lilly, got too close to one in Talybont (near Barmouth) and was chased for some distance. She’s been terrified of them ever since!

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