One Step Ahead (Gamekeeper Turned Poacher Book 1) by @DenverAuthor #RBRT Crime Fiction

Author: Denver Murphy

Kindle Edition

Category: Crime, Murder, Thriller, Suspense, Book Review

Detective Superintendent Brandt has found the perfect murderer.


And he will use his unparalleled knowledge of how to escape detection to kill; again and again, because the people of Britain need awakening from their slumber of indifference, having been desensitised by the violence that is gripping the country.

Detective Inspector Jeffrey Brandt retires after a long and very successful career with one aim in mind.

He has always been able to understand what drives people to kill and was therefore able to find motives even in cases that didn’t follow a pattern or plan. The more offenders who were found not guilty as the years went by made Brandt wonder what it was all for. He decided to take action in order to make the British public wake up and change their attitude towards the justice system.

Over time the crimes he was investigating, the affronts to decency and humanity, now only seemed viewed as unpleasant and inconvenient by-products of the modern age. Society had become so desensitised to violence, be it real or fictional, that what he was doing hardly seemed to matter anymore.

Detective Chief Inspector Stella Johnson doesn’t believe in the perfect murder. There’s always a clue, you just have to look hard enough. Nobody is infallible. Together with the newest member of the team, her protégé PC McNeil, the team work to uncover the identity of the murderer.

As stated in the description, this takes the classic cat and mouse scenario and flips it on its head. Brandt’s moral decline pitted against Johnson’s single minded sense of purpose makes this a plot based police procedural, which comes from both Brandt’s and Johnson’s perspectives. This works well giving a rounded view of what’s happening.

Brandt is an unusual and quite scary character to say the least, going from a highly regarded police officer to a serial killer who believes he’s doing something for the greater good. What a skewed mindset…. but it definitely gives the story an edge.

I liked that I didn’t know where the plot was taking me….and what a twist at the end. Given that, and the fact there’s a follow on, it’s anyone’s guess where the story will go next.

I chose to read and review One Step Ahead for Rosie Amber’s book review team, based on a digital copy from the author. 

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About the Author

I’m an independent author trying to chart my own course in the vast sea of self-published works. My novels cover a variety of genres but one thing links them all: concerns with the humanity. Whether it’s the greed of individuals, happy to risk what they have in the pursuit of more, or people’s indifference to the ills that blight society, so long as they are not directly affected themselves, each of my books has a dark undertone.

I don’t write to change the world but perhaps my work serves to shine a spotlight on those aspects which trouble me the most. What I really seek to do is to entertain and engross. Literature finds itself with ever more competition with the different ways people can fill their leisure time, and yet no other media can spark the imagination in quite the same way.

A good plot can only become compelling if the characters are rich and varied. My books are always written from their perspective and whether you find yourself rooting for them or not, you will care what happens. They are, similarly, single greatest thing that keeps me writing. I may have created these people but they take on a life of their own and often surprise me with the directions they choose.

If you are a voracious reader who can’t get through the day without picking up a book, or just someone seeking a dose of fiction to accompany them beside the pool on holiday, there is much to find and enjoy in my work.

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