Lost On The Water by D.G. Driver #YA Suspense with a touch of Supernatural @DGDriverAuthor #BookReview

Author: D.G. Driver

Published: July 2018 by Fire and Ice Young Adult Books

Category: Young Adult, Suspense, Supernatural, Contemporary, Book Review

Forced to leave the California beach behind to spend the summer with her grandma in rural Tennessee, Dannie is certain this will be the most boring summer of her life. Things start looking up when a group of local kids, mistaking her short hair and boyish figure, invite her on their ‘no girls allowed’ overnight kayaking trip. Obviously, her grandma refuses to let her go. But Dannie suspects the real reason is that the woman is afraid of the lake, only she won’t tell Dannie why.

The last place Dannie wants to spend a good portion of her summer holiday is in rural Tennessee with her grandmother, while her parents spend two weeks in Paris.

She should be hanging out with her friends at the beach, seeing movies and playing the arcade games at the pier. It’s not that she doesn’t love her grandma…but she just doesn’t want to be in what she considers to be a boring place with a distinct lack of activities and where the shops shut on Sunday. Grandma’s cabin is set near a large reservoir and when Dannie sees a speedboat flash by she begins to run to the shore to get a better look. Grandma’s cry stops her.

Grandma sounded terrified. I swung around to see her running toward me, her arms out as though to stop me from falling. I glanced around, baffled by what might be scaring her so bad. Could it be some poison ivy or something? A snake in the grass? Ticks? Figuring Grandma knew something I didn’t, I came back to the house. She grabbed me up into her arms for a tight squeeze.

Dannie meets a group of local boys in a pizza restaurant that she’s overjoyed to find has arcade games. Mistaking her for a boy, with her short haircut and oversized tee-shirt and baggy jeans, they invite her to join them on a boys only kayaking and campout trip the following night. Dannie’s comfortable in the group’s company, since most of her friends at home are boys, and accepts the invitation. The only problem is she doesn’t have a kayak, but when she finds an old row-boat behind her grandma’s garage she’s single minded in her decision to join the boys despite the fact her grandma refuses permission, and the old row-boat is a far cry from a kayak. 

I love the cover for this book, it fits in so well with the story. The self-absorbed and blinkered teenage behaviour is captured very well. Dannie finds out to her cost things are not as simple as they appear, and what seems to be an exciting adventure can turn into a near disaster very quickly. Dannie didn’t understand why Grandma seemed scared of the lake, but out there alone in the dark, not knowing which way to go with the creepy feeling there’s something out there, Dannie begins to wish she’d had second thoughts about the camping trip. 

Family secrets combined with suspense and the supernatural ensure an enjoyable read.

I chose to read and review Lost On The Water based on a copy of the book supplied by the author. 

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About the Author

D. G. Driver is an optimist at heart, and that’s why she likes to write about young people making an impact on the world. You’ll find among her books a teen environmental activist, a young girl teaching people about autism acceptance and to stop bullying people with special needs, a princess who wants to be more than a prize for a prince, and a boy who wins a girl’s heart by being genuine and chivalrous. She is a multi-award winning author of books for teens and tweens, but you’ll find some romance and horror stories in the anthologies, too. When Driver isn’t writing, she’s a teacher at an inclusive child development program in Nashville, TN. She might also take a break from writing once in a while to strut the stage in a local theater production. You’re guaranteed to find her belting out Broadway show tunes anytime she’s driving.

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