Adding To The TBR Stack at the very impressive Barter Books #Books @BarterBooks #TuesdayBookBlog

During a visit to Northumberland, I had to spend some (quite a lot of) time at Barter Books in Alnwick. Billed as one of the largest second hand bookshops in Europe, the leaflet includes a plan to navigate the huge space. Besides the hundreds of thousands of books of every conceivable genre, including antiquarian, there are comfortable seating and eating areas with real fires for cooler days and a dedicated children’s room. A book lovers’ paradise, housed in what used to be Alnwick’s grand railway station. 

A model railway running along the top of the large book columns in the central space gives a nod to the Victorian building’s previous incarnation. 

As the name suggests, the bookshop runs on a swap system whereby books may be returned for credits which can be then be used towards the purchase of other books. 

I didn’t take as many pictures as I could have, being otherwise engaged 😉 but these titles were added to my ever growing, scary to be read list. 

43 thoughts on “Adding To The TBR Stack at the very impressive Barter Books #Books @BarterBooks #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing. It brought back great memories of spending hours there in April this year when I travelled to the UK from New Zealand. An author friend of mine Bob Boze suggested we go there. I spent so many hours browsing through the books and was in awe of everything. It truly felt like I was in heaven! I was in Alnwick for two days and spent a glorious afternoon tucked up on the sofa in the waiting room I think it was by the fire reading (and,yip, I fell asleep!). I only bought one book which was called How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry. I found my love – books!


  2. You blogged about my favourite shop in the world. We went there when we were on holiday in the area and I fell in love. Every time that I have been in Northumberland since (and it is my dream to live in that area.) I go to Barter Books. You have blogged about by bliss!

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  3. What an amazing location for a bookshop! Your photos give the sense of what it’s like to visit and browse in this unusual setting. I am envious. My problem when I visit a bookshop is that I spend literally hours browsing books of many genres and then leave having purchased much more than I had intended. Hugs.

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