#Spotlight ~ Dare to Desire by Samara Dev ~ #Free on Kindle 16th/17th January #Extract #Romance @samaradevauthor #Novella

Samara Dev’s debut romance was released in December 2018 and is free to download from Amazon on the 16th and 17th January. 

About the Book

“You know there are many ways to know someone. Talk. Touch. Feel. Taste.”

Ria has known Mel practically all her life. He’s solid, dependable – and her friend. But now she’s wondering if she knows him at all. Her long standing friend is showing another darker and sensual side of his that she finds impossible to accept – and as impossible to resist. How can she make Mel go back to being the safe friend she knew?

Fifteen years ago, Ian, she and Mel were brought together by a tragedy. An earthquake rent apart the old colonial style village of Panna and destroyed their childhood. Ian and she made a promise to be together. She thought she was committed to him but now everything is moving out of focus.

Mel’s silken ties and sensual bondage promises her a world of pleasure she never dreamed of exploring. But as she fights her compelling attraction to Mel, Ian sends her a message to renew his long ago intent of marrying her.

Book links ~ Amazon UK | Amazon US

Extract ~ In this, the hero Mel asks the heroine Ria to let go of her past.

‘Snap out of it, Ria. If a man isn’t there to support your dreams, is it worth waiting for him? What part does he have in your life?’ he all but growled.

‘You know it, Mel. He did everything he could for me. At that time when I wanted to curl up and give up all hope of having joy in my life.’

‘Anyone would have done that for you. Granted you had a relationship then, do you have one now? You haven’t seen him for three years. Letters and emails can’t substitute for physical reality. For a person’s voice. Touch.’ His voice was insidious and falling to a low sexy note that touched sensitive nerve endings already raw enough.

About the Author

Samara Dev is an Indian origin romance author. She spends part of her year in North India in the lively culture of the state of Punjab. She has lived in the South India and loves to write about all the regions of her country. Her interest in erotic romance is of recent times and she’s still learning the ropes of true erotica, though the milder form suits her style and prose much better, she feels. Her other interests include reading about medicine and nutrition.
Readers can send their feedback and get in touch with her via Twitter @samaradevauthor or email her at samaradevauthor@gmail.com

One reviewer writes….’This author knows how to write chemistry. Great love story with compelling characters and plenty of spice.’

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