(Almost) #WordlessWednesday ~ More Robin #Photos

Following on from the robin photos last week, it was a bonus to see two robins feeding together later that day. I don’t know whether they’re both males, male and female or even two females. It’s difficult to tell just by looking.

29 thoughts on “(Almost) #WordlessWednesday ~ More Robin #Photos

      1. They are bigger I believe, and pretty common. Ours eat mealworms so they won’t take my normal birdseed so feeding them is a challenge lol. We used to have some nest on our porch on top of the light fixture but my husband put a stop to that lol.

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      2. Ours eat mealworms too but I buy a seed mix especially for robins and other small birds and they love it. We had a nest in the back garden ( a better place than on top of a light fitting 😁 ) a few years ago, it was lovely watching the robins feeding their babies.

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      3. We don’t live in a very rural area so that’s really the only spot on our property for nests, luckily there is a park across the street and I see a lot of robins hopping around over there in the springtime. At my house we get a lot of sparrows, some house finches, mourning doves, and there is a pair of cardinals that come by. 🙂

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