Writing Gloves ~ Product #Review ~ #LiteraryBookGifts

I was approached by Melissa Chan of Literary Book Gifts asking if I would like to test and review their writing gloves. I hadn’t actually realised writing gloves

were a thing, but they looked really good so I was pleased to accept. I love wearing fingerless gloves, saves having to take them off when shopping—I’m always losing regular gloves. 

It has to be said, these are not the cheapest in the market place but you do get what you pay for and, having tested them out, the quality and comfort is apparent. The gloves are very well made and the mix of cashmere and cotton ensure they are lightweight, warm and soft. The length is just right at seven inches, covering the wrist, and the gloves are available in a variety of colours. Allowing a full range of motion while typing, using a mouse or trackpad, writing and using a device, they’re the perfect solution for chilly hands while working.

I’m very impressed with the gloves and they will be well used.

Literary Book Gifts offer other bookish themed accessories—tote bags and tee shirts for both men and women—great for gifts.

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