Death at the Duckpond (Finch & Fischer Mysteries #2) by J. New #Cosy Murder/Mystery @newwrites

Author: J. New

Published: January 2019 by Phantom Press

Category: Contemporary Fiction, Cosy Murder Mystery, Book Review

When a much loved pillar of the community is found dead in the duck pond early one morning, the village residents are left reeling with shock.

Initially deemed a tragic accident it’s not until Penny receives a letter from the victim, dated one week before the death, that she begins to suspect a different motive.

Death at the Duckpond is the second book featuring mobile librarian Penny Finch and her rescue pup Fischer, and finds the intrepid pair embroiled in another mystery.

Penny has lived in the Village of Cherrytree Downs all her life and loves her job driving her converted VW camper around the area, chatting with the regulars and helping them choose their next books. 

Myrtle Montague, who lived in a manor house overlooking Cherrytree Downs, was one of the most popular residents. When she was discovered drowned in the duckpond on the village green it was accepted as a sad and tragic accident by her friends and those who knew her.  A call from Mrs Montague’s solicitor to arrange an appointment with Penny gave her pause for thought. It transpires a letter had been left with the solicitor to be given to Penny in the event of Mrs Montague’s death—written only the week before.

Mr Hawkins nodded. “Yes, she was a unique character.” He slid a cream envelope across the table towards Penny, his eyes never leaving hers. “Mrs Montague thought highly of you, Miss Finch. As it happens, she came to see me only last week. Our firm has been handling her affairs for many years, and she had a personal request to ask of you.”

Later, when Penny opens the letter she’s puzzled to find Mrs Montague’s library card along with the letter. Penny’s suspicions are aroused after a conversation with Mrs Montague’s housekeeper and she pays a visit to Detective Inspector Monroe.

Penny was pleased when her new friend Mr Kelly, the retired head teacher from the local primary school, returns from holiday and they can do a little brainstorming. DI Monroe thinks her fears are unfounded…but are they? Penny’s not so sure but she is frustrated by a lack of solid evidence. Her personal life isn’t running so smoothly either, with a shock in store. Mrs Montague’s request is a very welcome, and enjoyable, distraction. 

Penny’s job, travelling the area with the mobile library, is the perfect cover for a little discreet investigating and she makes the most of any opportunity. 

An enjoyable, easy read with a good plot.

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About the Author

J. New is the British author of The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery series. Set on the fictitious island of Linhay in the south of England during the 1930’s, they are an homage to the Golden Age mysteries but with a contemporary twist.
‘Miss Marple’ meets ‘The Ghost Whisper’ in this 1930’s British Mystery series.

In this light-hearted, British, contemporary cozy mystery series, Penny Finch and her rescued Jack Russell Terrier puppy Fischer, find themselves solving crimes in ‘Hampsworthy Downs:’ six neighbouring villages and hamlets in Hantchester County. Follow this unlikely sleuthing duo as they sniff out clues in order to solve a series of audacious crimes.

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9 thoughts on “Death at the Duckpond (Finch & Fischer Mysteries #2) by J. New #Cosy Murder/Mystery @newwrites

  1. Certainly seems an intriguing mystery, well done for getting it published, I look forward to reading it.


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