9 thoughts on “#WeekendMusicShare ~ A Different Corner by George Michael #Music #Video

  1. Doesn’t he have the look of Barry Gibb in that video, Cathy? You can’t fail to recognise his voice, though. I like how he’s waiting for the phone to ring, and then decides to take it off the hook. I remember doing the same thing – just in case it was terrible news or the call I was waiting for never came.
    A sad song, but very relaxing to listen to.

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    1. Yes, he does look a little like Barry Gibb now you mention it. The video fits in very well with lyrics, it’s like he’s cocooned himself in a protective space with nothing to intrude.

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  2. I can feel the passion in this post that you have for music. As with your other posts on books and photography, you write like you love it.
    Lovely to have hobbies and passions.
    Amanda xx

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