Summer Blooming Bushes and Butterflies #Nature #Photography

It’s a bumper summer for butterflies. The numbers so far are amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many, there are literally clouds of them lifting off the buddleia and hebe bushes when anyone brushes past. 

Painted Ladies are around in the highest numbers (all images can be enlarged for better clarity by clicking them)

Red Admirals have been quite numerous as well. And now and again I’ve noticed the Peacock butterfly, who was much harder to capture.


Then this little chap above arrived today. I didn’t know what he was but after googling I think he may be a Five Spot Burnet Moth? Is anyone familiar with this?

27 thoughts on “Summer Blooming Bushes and Butterflies #Nature #Photography

  1. A beautiful series Cathy and it’s fabulous to see so many butterflies and moths this year 🙂💜🦋 The little black and red chap looks like a cinnabar moth to me, there’s been quite a few of them in Ireland too. Hope you’re having a great weekend and much love from our house to yours 🤗💖🐕 xxx

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    1. Thank you, Xenia 🤗 I did look at the cinnabar and that was my first choice but wasn’t sure because I didn’t see the red section on the wings. It’s been lovely watching them and I’ve seen several more varieties that didn’t land long enough to get a good photo. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend too. Much love on it’s way to you all 💚🦋🐕xxx

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  2. I don’t know what that one is at the end but I had noticed how many butterflies are around. I’ve seen all sorts I’m sure I’ve never seen before. There’s a beautiful blue one, quite small, and a couple of different brown ones. Stunning!

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    1. I saw a couple of brown ones the other day but they hardly landed anywhere so no pics 😉 but yes, there are some stunners around this year.


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