Rewrite The Stars by Emma Heatherington ~ Contemporary Fiction #Romance @emmalou13 #NetGalley @HarperFiction

Author: Emma Heatherington

Publishing 6th September by Harper Collins

Category: Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Book Review


From the moment they meet one December day there’s something between Charlotte Taylor and her brother’s best friend, Tom Farley. But Tom’s already taken and Charlie has to let him go…

It’s another five years before their paths cross again only a secret from the past forces Charlie to make a choice. She promises herself she’ll never look back…

Charlotte Taylor was twenty two when she met and fell in love with Irish American Tom Farley, her brother Matthew’s best friend and member of their up-and-coming band.

Charlotte was also a lover of music, writing and playing her own songs. After hearing her sing and play Tom was convinced Charlie would have no trouble getting signed to a record company and become a huge star. 

It has always been a given in the family that Matthew was the creative one, the one heading for stardom, so Charlie was stunned at Tom’s reaction. She had already mapped out her future as a teacher, her dreams of music pushed to one side, but now they resurfaced and included Tom. Thwarted by Matthew’s attempts to keep them apart, Charlie again shelved her music and followed her original plan to be a teacher. 

An unexpected encounter several years later when Charlie was out with friends sets in motion a tragedy that will have far reaching consequences for both Matthew and Charlie, not least the nagging question that haunts Charlie through the years, despite her happy marriage to a wonderful man. What if? 

I’ve learned so much in my thirty-one years so far, but most of all I’ve learned that, although we can try and control our destiny as we take twists and turns in life, turning right, left and even taking the odd wrong turn – no matter how we try and shape it, fate will always make sure we end up exactly where we are meant to be. 

I’m sure most people, at some stage, have wondered…what if I had done this instead of that…or made a different decision…taken a different path. There are always forks in the road ahead. Is the direction we take the one we’re meant to take or is it all down to chance?  

Rewrite The Stars is a well written, realistic and easy to relate to, look at these questions. The story examines the importance of family, the time spent thinking about what you don’t have instead of concentrating on what and who is around you, while exploring how feelings of guilt can and do affect decisions taken.

I love the passion for music that runs through the narrative and the fact a song featured in one of the scenes has been especially written and recorded for the book by singer/songwriter Gareth Dunlop. ‘You’ can be found on iTunes.

A very enjoyable read set in a lovely location.

I chose to read and review Rewrite The Stars based on an advance reader copy courtesy of Rachel Quin (Harper Fiction) and NetGalley

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About the Author

Emma Heatherington is an international bestselling author from Donaghmore, County Tyrone. 
Her novels include the Amazon UK Top 10 bestseller and Amazon US hit, The Legacy of Lucy Harte, and more recently, A Part of Me and You, which reached the USA Kindle Top 100 and the UK Top 40. Her books are also published in Germany and Holland. 
Her next novel, A Miracle on Hope Street is a heartwarming Christmas themed story of love, kindness and friendship and is out on ebook format in September 2018.
As well as her own novels, Emma has written scripts for over 70 educational short films and plays and was ghostwriter for country legend Philomena Begley on her autobiography, My Life My Music My Memories (The O’Brien Press, 2017) and Nathan Carter’s life story, Born For The Road, which will be published in September 2018 (Penguin Ireland). 
She also regularly contributes to the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life newspapers and has appeared on chat shows on RTE, TV3 and UTV.
Emma is a mum of five, aged from 22 to 3 years old and her partner is Irish artist and singer/songwriter Jim McKee. 

You can follow Emma on Twitter | Facebook

10 thoughts on “Rewrite The Stars by Emma Heatherington ~ Contemporary Fiction #Romance @emmalou13 #NetGalley @HarperFiction

  1. I have never wondered how my life could have been different if I had made different decisions, Cathy, although I often see people asking others what they would change if they could go back in life. I like the idea of reading a book with this concept in it. A lovely review.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I reckon my life would have been different if only I’d known that guy who asked me out was the son of a millionaire before I told him I’d rather work on a sewage farm than date him… 😉 (True story – only I was ruder!) Love the idea of a song written specially to go with the book. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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