Gwydir Castle ~ a hidden gem in Conwy Valley #Photography

Not a castle in the true sense, but an early Tudor fortified courtyard house, which incorporates medieval masonry from the ruins of nearby Maenen Abbey. 

A fascinating place, there have been fortifications on the site for centuries before the first house was rebuilt in the late 15th century, following the Wars of the Roses, by the father of the Wynn ancestral line. The house stayed in the family for the next 200 years. After several periods of ownership and dereliction, the house has been privately owned, with an ongoing restoration program, since the mid 1990s. It’s said to be one of the most haunted house in Wales. 

The stone building is impressive and the grounds are beautifully maintained with many peacocks roaming freely. 

You won’t find a gift shop, cafe or any other sign of commercialism, just a discreet, help yourself refreshment tent with an honesty box. And it only costs £6 to visit. There are information cards in each room which add to the house’s story. 

Inside the house the atmosphere and sense of history are unmistakable (although we didn’t see or feel anything otherworldly) and the views from the windows are gorgeous.

The restoration is being carried out lovingly and very sympathetically, with great attention to the details. It’s like stepping back in time. One of the staircases is concrete and the well worn steps tell their own story. There was no photography allowed inside the house but these two postcards give an idea…


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