#ThrowbackThursday ~ The Hollow Heart (The Heartfelt Series #1) by Adrienne Vaughan @adrienneauthor #Drama #Romance

This week’s Throwback Thursday choice is the first of a trilogy that I loved reading. Set initially in England, the story moves to Ireland and the island of Innishmahon. The Hollow Heart was published in 2012.

My Thoughts

We first meet Marianne Coltrane, investigative journalist for the Chesterfield Chronicle, as she confronts Sister Mary May about the illegal sale and adoption of children from the women’s refuge she runs. Marianne’s work and resulting article earns her a nomination for Journalist of the Year.

At the National Media Awards Marianne eventually meets George Brownlow, the new Chesterfield MP, after an unsuccessful attempt at an interview. She and George hit it off and a relationship develops. But fate has other plans for Marianne. After she suffers a tragedy, a near disaster and to escape the pressures of work she takes a sabbatical from the newspaper. The beautiful island of Innishmahon, off the west coast of Ireland, begins to work it’s magic and puts Marianne on the road to emotional recovery.

For once in her life Marianne Coltrane was not on a deadline and this precious gift of time would be spent in Innishmahon, the little fishing village sitting on the edge of the island bearing the same name. Perhaps the smallest dot on the map, nevertheless Innishmahon rose up out of the sea boldly, staring defiantly across the Atlantic with its sweeping cliffs turned upwards, seeming to snub the vast continent of America that lay across the swathe of ocean.

Marianne crosses paths with actor Ryan O’Gorman, who she met briefly in England when he also saved her life. Journalists are not his favourite people, and he also needs recovery time, away from the spotlight of the media. Life on the island isn’t as quiet as Marianne hoped it would be after a major storm and the resulting damage, and when Ryan lands a huge movie contract almost out of the blue, circumstances conspire to disrupt her life once again.

I’m late to The Heartfelt series, but what a great start and a wonderful debut! I enjoyed the first part of the story but loved it when Marianne went to Innishmahon. Beautifully described and giving a real sense of place, it’s filled with a wonderful array of individual characters. The warmth of the well defined and realistic inhabitants, and the rugged beauty of the place shines through.

This isn’t a straightforward romance – there are several dramatic and significant threads running through the narrative. I found Oonagh’s storyline particularly touching and poignant. The characterisation and dialogue are very well done and Marianne is strong enough to carry the storyline. She’s been through so much but her resilience and spirit keep her going. A very well-written and engaging story. 

About the Book

The Hollow Heart, a modern, romantic adventure. Marianne Coltrane is a feisty, award-winning journalist who is far from lucky in love. Taking herself off to the wilds of the west of Ireland to recuperate, she literally runs into Ryan O’Gorman, the most conceited, infuriating man in the world. He’s an actor who’s just landed the biggest role in movie history and he loathes journalists. One thing they do have in common is they both think their chance of true love has passed them by…but fate has other ideas!

30 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday ~ The Hollow Heart (The Heartfelt Series #1) by Adrienne Vaughan @adrienneauthor #Drama #Romance

  1. You’ve done it again Cathy! Thank you so, so much. You seem to always know when this particular writer needs a gentle nudge or good shove in the right direction. I was grappling with my new main characters at 5 am this morning, they meet again after many years and a LOT of history and as most writers do, began to wonder if it was worth it …hot chocolate had gone cold, fingers were numb. And you’ve just reminded me that readers totally make writing a total joy. You’ve made my week! I’ll get back these star crossed lovers later with renewed vigour. You are a star! XXX

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    1. What a coincidence…glad I could help 😉 I appreciate all the angst and work that must go into writing a book. Never doubt yourself though, you have the knack of creating characters (and stories) that get under the skin of the reader xxx

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  2. What a lovely reminder of this wonderful series. I remember reading The Hollow Heart and desperately hoping there would be continuing drama, romance, laughs and surprises from this brilliant cast of characters. I love Adrienne’s writing and always look forward to reading anything she has penned Xx

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  3. Lovely to hear about this fantastic series! I fell in love with Innishmahon the minute I read about it and my only regret, as I keep saying, is that it’s a fictional island. I agree with what you say.

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  4. This book holds a special place in my affections. Not only because it’s brilliantly written because it was the book which set Adrienne on her journey to becoming a successful. And the rest of New Romantics Press journeyed alongside her. Much water under the bridge, but Adrienne has gone home to hone her craft, bag an agent, and write more wonderful novels. Who knows what she’ll do next? Thank you for reminding me of this special book and its place in my life.

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    1. Ah Lizzie, that is such a lovely comment, dare I say ‘heartfelt’. It’s amazing how we all – you, June Kearns, Mags Cullingford and myself – came together for what has been, and is still, an amazing journey and the fulfilment of our writing dreams. Onwards and upwards says I.

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  5. A fabulous review, Cathy! I still remember reading the first page of this book and thinking ‘wow’! Adrienne is a magical weaver of settings and stories and I’ve loved every one of them.

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    1. Thank you June. We were all so lucky to share our vision and go for it, supporting one another. And with book bloggers like Cathy reminding us of those early days, it makes me appreciate our experience all the more. Long may we push the pen!

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