Trouble at Clenchers Mill by @DianaJFebry ~ Somebody wants Richard Fielding dead #Contemporary #CozyMystery #RBRT

Author: Diana J Febry

Kindle Edition

Category: Contemporary Fiction, Cozy Mystery, Book Review


Somebody wants Richard Fielding dead.

Richard was looking forward to making a fresh start with his new wife, Alicia when they moved into Clenchers Mill. Then the attacks started.

Simon Morris had befriended Kate Chapman when Kate was going through a bad patch following the death of her husband, and has offered her the use of the granny flat at his farmhouse for as long as she likes.

Simon is from a privileged background without money worries, quite the opposite of Kate, who is looking for work and had advertised in the local post office. Simon actually likes the idea of being a private investigator and when the opportunity arises to investigate what could be a suspicious accident, he persuades Kate to go with him.

When Richard Fielding has a horse riding accident his new wife, Alicia, blames Richard’s previous wife for sending her husband a dangerous horse and wants it destroyed. Cynthia Fielding, Richard’s ex-wife, is adamant the horse was calm and perfectly behaved when he left and believes the horse must have been drugged. She has booked blood tests with a local vet. After reading Kate’s job requirements, which included working with horses, she asked Simon and Kate to go to Clenchers Mill to make sure everything is above board.

Lifting her bag off the bed, Kate said, “I still think this is a crazy idea, but I’m good to go. Once you’ve telephoned Alicia to confirm she is expecting us and won’t chase us off their land with a shotgun.”

Simon grinned and threw her the keys to the camper van. “Load your bag up while I round up the dogs and make sure everything here is locked up.”

Trouble at Clenchers Mill is an entertaining rural mystery—Richard’s accident is only the beginning. Alicia is extremely reluctant to involve the police and asks Simon and Kate to be discreet with their enquiries. Simon, for all his enthusiasm, has no knowledge of, or experience in, investigations of this kind and he and Kate are unaware of the danger they’re in. 

Simon’s and Kate’s characters came across well. Kate seemed the more practical of the two, probably because she’s had to be. Whereas Simon was fairly blasé about whether or not qualifications and registering as a private investigator were needed and thought them minor details. But he was a good friend and Kate was grateful, even as she felt anger at the hand fate dealt her.  

Incorporated into the story are societal problems including the conflict between pro and anti hunting groups and intrusive, threatening behaviour, which adds layers to the plot and builds the suspense, throwing several suspects into the mix. A good assortment of characters and several unexpected twists keeps the story moving at a good pace. 

I chose to read and review Trouble at Clenchers Mill for Rosie Amber’s book review team, based on a digital copy kindly supplied by the author. 

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