Between Heather and Grass: #Poems and #Photographs Filled with Love, Hope and Whippets by Xenia Tran @WhippetHaiku

Author: Xenia Tran

Published: November 2019 by Holistic Linguistics

Category: Creative Non Fiction, Poetry, Photography, Verse, Book Review


Welcome to Between Heather and Grass – Poems Filled with Love, Hope and Whippets, our beautiful, soulful sequel to Sharing Our Horizon and our second book for whippet lovers, dog lovers and lovers of nature. The book features poetry, breathtaking photographs of the Scottish Highlands, and our two adopted whippets Eivor and Pearl. The majority of the poems are haiku, haibun and tanka, written in rhythm with the seasons. The poems and photographs illuminate each other and are both calming and inspiring, inviting you to dip into this collection many times over.

Between Heather and Grass is Xenia Tran’s second book of verse, complete with photographs of the spectacular scenery of the Scottish Highlands and not forgetting her two gorgeous rescue whippets.

The complementary poetry and photos capture the majesty of the Highlands, showcasing the mountains, glens, lochs, forests and the beautiful beaches that Eivor and Pearl enjoy exploring. Visually satisfying and inspiring, with spiritual connotations, this is a book to pick up again and again.

If you’re a poetry, nature and/or animal lover this book is a must…one to appreciate by dipping into or enjoying in one sitting, with verses such as this…

‘the flow
of black rock and turquoise waves
ocean’s beauty
between us on the shore
the memories keep growing.’

And including the beautiful and moving dedication to Jamie, Message From The Stars.

As with the first book, a percentage will be shared with specific charities. Thirty per cent of net profits from the sale of this book will be shared with Children with Cancer UK ( who are investing heavily in research for better and kinder treatments for children), in memory of a young family member. Another thirty per cent of net profits will be shared with animal rehoming charities.

About the Author

Xenia Tran is an artist, linguist and poet who lives in the Scottish Highlands with her husband and two adopted whippets. Her poetry has appeared on television, in online journals, anthologies and magazines and features on her blogs ‘Whippet Wisdom – A Highland Journey’ and ‘Tranature – Quiet Moments in Nature’.
She publishes her collections in aid of good causes.
‘Between Heather and Grass – Poems and Photographs Filled with Love, Hope and Whippets’ is available from Amazon UK | Amazon US | Waterstones  

This book is especially created to help raise funds for Children with Cancer UK, in memory of her nephew Jamie Baker and in support of animal rehoming charities.

Xenia’s social media ~ WhippetWisdom | Tranature | Twitter

9 thoughts on “Between Heather and Grass: #Poems and #Photographs Filled with Love, Hope and Whippets by Xenia Tran @WhippetHaiku

  1. Reblogged this on Tranature and commented:
    For those of you not familiar with Eivor and Pearl’s poetic adventures, Cathy Ryan shares a beautiful review of Between Heather and Grass on her blog today. Thank you so much for sharing this Cathy, we’re so happy you enjoy the book! xxx


  2. Great review, Cathy! I enjoyed the poem you picked to share here. What’s not to love about Xenia’s poetry, photography, her inspirational and positive messages, and the ever-lovely and happy Eivor and Pearl? 🙂 The scenery impressions shared on the Whippet Wisdom blog – and in the book, I’m sure – are always gorgeous and I’m a big fan of the cover of this book as well. It’s beautiful and perfect!


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