The Rise of Magicks (Chronicles of The One: Book 3) by Nora Roberts #PostApocalyptic #Fantasy #TuesdayBookBlog

Author: Nora Roberts

Performed by Julia Whelan

Published: November 2019 by Brilliance Audio 

Category: Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Audiobook Review


Fallon Swift has spent all her life preparing for this moment. No longer can she stand by whilst her fellow Magicks are hunted by the fanatical Purity Warriors or rounded up and experimented on by the government.

Fallon must follow her destiny to restore the magical shield that once protected them all. The final battle has begun…

Twenty years ago when a deadly pandemic was unleashed upon the world, destroying civilisation, a child was conceived. She, who would come to be known as The One, was destined to fulfil a prophecy and lead the light against the dark.

On the shield, one of seven forged in the timeless past to hold back the dark, fell a single drop of blood. 

So the shield weakened, and the dark, spider-patient, waited as the decades passed, and the wound spread under grass and ground.

And on the last day of what had been, a good man, in all innocence, broke the shield open. The dark rewarded him with a deadly infection, one that would pass from man to wife, from parent to child, from stranger to stranger.

Fallon Swift’s life had been spent preparing for what she knew was to come. During the years since The Doom decimated the Earth and magic, both good and evil, was unleashed, the dark uncannys had preyed upon those of the light. As Fallon grew so did her knowledge and power. Her training and skills have stood her in good stead, the resistance forces multiplying and continuing to storm the places where the dark reigns. Cities and towns are won and many of those experimented on by the government or persecuted by the bands of Purity Warriors and Dark Uncanny are rescued from containment, swelling the ranks with those who pledge to fight. The team leaders are more than capable but even so the skirmishes aren’t without deaths and injuries. One in particular that  surprised and saddened. The final battle is imminent and the fate of mankind rests in the balance.

Timing, she thought as she spoke to the elf commander Flynn, to Tonia in her mind. They would breach the three doors simultaneously, and each team leader would focus their troops on priorities. Destroy communications, eliminate security, take the armory, secure the lab. Above all, shield all prisoners.

The story is told mainly from Fallon’s perspective with other occasional points of view. Characters drive the story as much as the plot, their interactions, relationships, relevant societal issues and I enjoyed the look back, the mention of the original cast and their connections to the present. The good among the population have their flaws, which makes them more relatable. Nora Roberts always seems to write realistic characters that are easy to get attached to and this is no exception.

The battles are dealt with succinctly, that isn’t to say the description was lacking, it wasn’t. In fact the scenes are easily visualised but without any unnecessary detail. The narrative is well paced with action scenes contrasting with the human side of the preparations for the final battle and people working together to build on communities, showcasing the power of love, unity and hope against the darker side of hate and intolerance.

The previous hints of romance between Fallon and Duncan develop but it’s very much in the background and doesn’t take away from the main thrust of the story. There’s a good balance between each story thread. Darkness is much more in evidence here than in any of the other magical trilogies, which were getting a little too formulaic, and of course the fact these books are set in a post apocalyptic world, where the threat of death is a constant companion, is taking things in a completely new direction. 

Some authors can stir up such a range of emotions with their storytelling and Ms Roberts is one such. For me, it was the perfect conclusion to the story as the characters learn to take control of, and welcome, their powers while cementing relationships and working together for their future. Julia Whelan always delivers a wonderful narration and the hours of listening flew by.

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Nora Roberts is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 190 novels and there are 300 million copies of her books in print. Under the pen name J. D. Robb, she is author of the New York Times bestselling futuristic suspense series, which features Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke.

You can keep up with Nora via her website and Facebook

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