#BlogTour #Extract ~ When Adam Met Evie by @GiuliaSkye ~ Roadtrip #Romance @rararesources

For my stop on the blog tour, I have an extract to share with you, courtesy of Giulia and Rachel’s Random Resources.

When Adam Met Evie – extract intro

Adam is a Canadian celebrity-sportsman who’s fled scandal back home by jumping on a flight to Australia. He pretends to be an “ordinary” tourist, travelling incognito, but he’s just been recognised and is now in a hurry to leave town. He knows he’s got a better chance of staying hidden if he teams up with other travellers but the only person he knows is the British woman who caught him sneaking into the campground showers the day before… 


Adam ordered a fruit juice packed with crushed ice and watched Miss Bug Eyes while he waited for his change.

She was sitting on the edge of a leather sofa next to the floor-to-ceiling window. He’d first taken her for a college graduate, but she looked older now, her huge bush-baby eyes crinkling at the corners as she scowled at her phone. He pegged her at twenty-eight, thirty at a very hard push, just a few years younger than his thirty-three.

The woman at the campground had told him her name was Evie, but the name was too feminine—too cute—for someone who looked like her, particularly when she frowned like she was doing now. She wasn’t ugly, not by a long stretch, just plain in a nothing-to-write-home-about kind of way.

Certain that he’d shaken off the experience in the surplus store, he walked over to her.

“Why the long face?” he said, dumping himself next to her on the sofa. “Did someone ignore another of your signs?”

He’d made her jump, but her voice sounded just as haughty as it did yesterday. “Oh, it’s you.” She gave him a tight smile. “I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.”

Which was a load of crap, he knew. He’d seen the way she’d stared at him across the campground. “Yeah, about that. Pretty unfortunate incident, eh?” And because he didn’t want to offer her a lift and get out on the highway to realize she’d figured out who he was, he pushed for signs of recognition. “You could make a lot of money selling that story.”

Her quick bark of laughter had him raising one eyebrow, and he heard her swallow back words sounding a lot like, In your dreams. Adam hid his smile.

“I’m guessing you’re from England,” he said, enjoying the fact that she didn’t have a clue about him.

“You guess right.” She cast those eyes over him. “And I’m guessing you’re from America. Whereabouts?”


“Edmonton?” She frowned. “But isn’t that in Canada?”



She turned back to her phone.

Right. He’d never been the funniest guy in the room, but he’d hoped that attempt at humor was worthy of at least a half-smile. Instead her quick dismissal told him he’d just come across as an idiot. Not that it seemed to bother her much because just then her phone buzzed with an incoming message and he lost her.

He drained his juice, crunched on an ice cube, and tapped the bottom of her grubby backpack with the toe of his running shoe, making the point that—hello?—he was sitting beside her.

“You leaving Broome today? I heard you were looking for a ride to Darwin along the Gibb River Road.”

Now, that got her attention.

“Lorraine told you,” she said, her eyes wide.

Lorraine? The campground woman. “Yeah, I didn’t think much more of it until I saw you here.” He nodded through the window toward his truck, took a deep breath and hoped his teeth weren’t grinding together. “I’m looking for a travel buddy to share costs and adventures.”


Evie angled her head, hearing the words she’d written for her ad, as she laid eyes on the dusty truck across the street. It was a big beast of a four-wheel drive, with chunky tires and a snorkel exhaust fitted to the side of the cab, meaning true outback business.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her pulse quickening. “Did you say you were looking to car-share along the Gibb River Road?”

“Yeah, I’m leaving for Derby now. Wanna ride?”

Adrenaline pumped through her, like she should grab this opportunity or be forever stuck. She thought of Lorraine as a young woman several decades ago, jumping on a boat in Somalia moments before the military descended to close the port. Evie felt like taking that same leap, the last of Zac’s messages burning a hole in her hand and her heart.

We didn’t tell you before because we didn’t want to ruin your travels.

And there it was again. We. Zac and Teagan, not Zac and Evie as it had always been. We. Zac snuggling under the duvet next to Teagan, her full breasts nursing their newborn son. Just then that old dream of bumping through the outback in a trail of red dust, holding on to her seat, hair flying wild, flashed before her so bright and bold it already felt like a memory. The vision blew away the image of we that had lodged painfully in her mind like barbed wire.

Wanna ride?

Yes! Hell, yes, she did.

About the Book

When former Olympic Swimmer, Michael Adams—now Canada’s hottest reality TV star— insults his fake showbiz wife on social media, he escapes the ensuing scandal and jumps on the first flight to Australia. Desperate to experience ordinary life again—if only for a few weeks—he becomes “Adam”, just another tourist traveling through the Outback. But with a reward out for his safe return and his fame’s nasty habit of catching up with him when he least expects, he needs a better disguise… and he’s just found it.

Sweet and scruffy British backpacker, Evie Blake, is taking a year out of her busy London life. Tired of lies and liars, she’s looking for adventure to heal her broken heart. So when the hot Canadian she meets at the campground offers to be her travel partner through Western Australia’s wild Kimberley region, she grabs the chance, unaware he’s got the world out looking for him.

He’s just a down-on-his-luck traveler, right?

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About the Author

Italian-born Giulia Skye spent her childhood watching classic Hollywood films and thinking up her own romantic stories. After two decades working in TV production, she knew turning those stories into novels would be much more enjoyable – and far cheaper – than turning them into films. She still keeps her hand in TV production but is at her happiest being a stay-at-home mum, spending time with her family, growing her own vegetables and conjuring up sizzling stories about sexy heroes meeting fiesty heroines who aren’t always as they at first appear.  When Adam Met Evie is her first novel, Book 1 of her “Take a Holiday” series.

Links to Giulia’s book and website…

To read When Adam Met Evie, please go to – https://books2read.com/WhenAdamMetEvie

Contact Giulia Skye via her website – www.giuliaskye.com

Connect with her on Bookbub – https://www.bookbub.com/authors/giulia-skye

Or on Twitter – @GiuliaSkye

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