The Memories We Bury by H.A. Leuschel ~ How Far Would You Go To Get What You Want? #Psychological #BookReview @HALeuschel

Author: H.A. Leuschel

Due to be published 17th April 

Category: Psychological, Drama, Book Review

Lizzie Thomson has landed her first job as a music teacher, and after a whirlwind romance with Markus, the newlywed couple move into a beautiful new home in the outskirts of Edinburgh. Lizzie quickly befriends their neighbour Morag, an elderly, resourceful yet lonely widow, who’s own children rarely visit her. Everything seems perfect in Lizzie’s life until she finds out she is pregnant and her relationship with both Morag and Markus change beyond her control.

The Memories We Bury is told from two alternating points of view—Lizzie, a young mother and Morag, widowed and a retired nurse, who live next door to each other—giving a good, but confusing, insight into each character. I say confusing because for the longest time I wasn’t sure how the story was going to develop.

Lizzie’s childhood was tainted by a cold, critical mother and a weak father. She always felt less than, never good enough, her mother’s obvious disappointment in her a constant theme. Until Lizzie’s musical talent gave her mother something to boast about. But even that waned as she realised Lizzie’s talent wasn’t going to take her to the top.

Lizzie’s feelings of insecurity and timidity carry on into adulthood and shape her decision making. All she really wants is to be loved for herself. Now she’s married with a job as a music teacher when she finds herself pregnant. Although the pregnancy was unplanned, Lizzie is happy. Less so Markus, her husband.

Morag, lonely and seemingly abandoned by her children, is more than happy to have Lizzie and Markus living next door, especially as there will soon be a baby to coo over. Markus’ feelings couldn’t be clearer as he leaves everything home and baby related to an exhausted Lizzie, who is only too grateful for Morag’s help and kindness.

I gazed down the corridor, my back tensing up from the repetitive movement as I walked with Jamie in my arms. I am lonely were the words that echoed in my head. I longed for laughs and innocent chatter and realized that in a short period of time I’d come to yearn for every one of Morag’s regular appearances and her ability to whisk through the door to usher her well-meant good advice. Markus’ attempts at parenthood were a few occasional drops of rain on parched ground.

Markus is a very unlikeable character, critical and intent only on what he wants regardless of the effect on anyone else. Certainly not the type of person that Lizzie needs. So it follows that she would appreciate Morag’s help and look forward to spending time with her. Slowly it becomes apparent by Morag’s behaviour all is not what it should be. Lizzie, however, is reluctant to antagonise the only friend she has.

The Memories We Bury is a disturbing read, more so because it’s a scenario that could be all too possible. The narrative is written in such a way as to make the reader wonder which of the two women is unbalanced. It’s only later on that the pieces begin to fall into place and the state of affairs becomes quite shocking as we learn the extent of the manipulation.

As with the author’s previous books, The Memories We Bury shows the complexity of the human psyche and the lengths people are prepared to go to to satisfy their own needs, as well as how relationships can become extremely unhealthy and frightening.

I chose to read and review The Memories We Bury based on a copy of the book kindly supplied by the author.

About the Author

Helene grew up in Belgium where she gained a Master in Journalism & Communication, which led to a career in radio and television in Brussels, London and Edinburgh.
She now lives with her husband and two children in Portugal and recently acquired a Master of Philosophy with the OU, deepening her passion for the study of the mind.

Author links ~ Website | Facebook | Twitter

8 thoughts on “The Memories We Bury by H.A. Leuschel ~ How Far Would You Go To Get What You Want? #Psychological #BookReview @HALeuschel

  1. Sounds great Cathy. I haven’t read this author ever. Though I wouldn’t want to read a disturbing book now. But I think I am going to put this author on my TBR. Great review ❤️

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