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Today I have a guest post from author Harold Benjamin, whose new book Judenrein has recently been published. First of all, here’s what the book is about…

Zack Gurevitz has had a checkered past. A Yeshiva boy, turned Green Beret, turned junkie, excommunicated by his one-time faith and now the potential savior of people he doesn’t even like. As a white supremacist movement stealthily takes the reins of power in America, it is again the Jews who are made out as scapegoats. Stripped of wealth and citizenship, they are made to live in 21st century ghettos that hark back to a sinister and murky past that many had thought would never return.But things are about to get much worse. With the revealing of a planned terror attack that will place the blame firmly at Jewish feet and condemn millions to death, Zack is contacted by Jewish leaders in Detroit, begging for his help. Reluctantly he agrees and before long he is mired in a conspiracy that will have far reaching consequences for his country, the Jewish population and even his own sanity.As the clock ticks down, can Zack find a way to avert a looming disaster? Who is behind the conspiracy? And can he really trust anyone?

Now over to Harold…

Contemplating the Reality of America Becoming “Judenrein”

My new book, Judenrein, is a Jewish dystopian thriller that envisions the fate of America’s Jews as white supremacists seize the reins of power in Washington. In the book, the government foments a series of incidents that justify stripping American Jews of their citizenship and property before herding them into 21st century ghettos. Then, warned of an imminent attack, they ask a Jewish ex-Green Beret with a very checkered past to help save them. He reluctantly agrees and tries to save the Jews and unravel a byzantine conspiracy that threatens his very sanity.

The process of writing this book led me several times to wonder whether I’m being paranoid and alarmist in thinking up such a plot. America’s Jews rounded up and sent into internal exile? Really? It seems so far-fetched. Yet, it’s happened before in Jewish history—many times. It’s even happened well within the lifetimes of people who are still with us. It just didn’t happen in the United States. It happened in Nazi Germany, the USSR and the Arab world.

The Jews have enjoyed a level of freedom and prosperity in the United States that they haven’t experienced for the previous two thousand years. That said, the warnings are all over the place that it’s about to end. We’ve got Neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville, screaming, “Jews will not replace us!” We’ve got anti-lockdown marchers in Ohio carrying flags featuring rats and Jewish stars. We’ve got heavily armed protesters at the Michigan statehouse carrying Nazi flags. Only a naïve Jew would imagine this won’t end badly. It may not end up in a 1930s-style roundup, but that’s the idea behind the book. Judenrein tries to imagine what the destruction of American Jewry might look like. It offers a suspenseful adventure and compelling, if flawed hero who fights to save the day. The book uses suspense to convey a stark warning to American’s Jews, based on rising anti-Semitism.

The word “Judenrein” is German for “free of Jews.” The Nazis used it to describe their dream of liquidating Europe’s Jewish population. I selected the word as a title because it conveys the clearly-stated aims of America’s many large and increasingly influential white nationalist groups.

Judenrein is available as an ebook and paperback.

Harold Benjamin is the pen name of a 50-something Jewish writer in the Midwest.

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