#Extract from Sapphire Morning by @SylvieKnight7 #ContemporaryFiction #Romance

Today I’m pleased to share and extract from Sapphire Morning by Sylvie Knight. But first, here’s what the book is about.

Angie is recovering from disappointment and a broken heart at her grandmother’s country home. Christmas brings get togethers – and Hal Jordan with his blue eyes, gorgeous dimples and a landscaper’s muscled body. The last thing she needs is to get involved again. But when Hal, the house guest is around, some strings are definitely tweaked. It is all too easy to let control slip under his mesmerizing touch. A little fling is in order. She doesn’t want to fall in love, so why does Hal’s unexplained absence drive her crazy with suspicions? Or do her suspicions have a basis, after all?

The kindle edition is due for release on 24th December and can be preordered from Amazon UK and Amazon US 

‘Go on, the singing was nice. And something smells…’ He inhaled exaggeratedly. ‘Simply wow. What is it?’

‘It’s the chocolate bar fondue.’ She smiled. ‘Chocolate mixed with heavy cream for the dips. Oh no. You’re not allowed to taste.’

‘How crushing!’ He cast a look of such longing at the bowl, she chuckled out loud.

‘Looks absolutely decadent. What if I help you out with the kneading? That looks like brawny work.’ He flexed his arms. ‘Can I get just a taste then?’

She had to laugh. ‘Ok, just a helping, then.  If you do the kneading properly. Grab a pair of gloves and get to it.’

She transferred the dough to a piece of floured parchment paper.

He got the gloves and stepped up. But instead of standing by her side as she expected, he moved behind her, enclosing her as he brought his arms around hers and melded his fingers next to hers in the dough mixture. 

Her body’s warning signals went haywire. Sensation shot up and down from every spot he brushed against and standing in the circle of his arms as she was, there were many. Behind her, she could feel the warmth of his body and his hard thighs – though they weren’t quite touching her, but she knew they were there!

‘You stopped.’ The deep voice said next to her ear. ‘What’s the matter? Not uncomfortable?’

‘Umm no.’ Well, she couldn’t lie. Uncomfortable she certainly wasn’t. Having him like this, she’d have to be made of stone to push him away.

‘This is quite sexy,’ he drawled.

‘What?’ she said breathlessly.

‘This…’ He was teasing her, she decided, as his arms relaxed around her even more and he shifted a step closer. His lower body stayed away, but now she could feel his thighs against the back of hers. Oh boy, the kitchen had just become a hothouse.

‘This flour,’ he murmured.

She mustered will power and sprinkled dry flour on the dough. She began to knead the flour to a smooth ball.

‘And the way you press it.’ His fingers tangled with hers, kneading them rather than the flour. Heat climbed up the contact and her stomach dropped to her feet. ‘And you.’

His mouth touched her cheek, she inhaled sharply and waited, breathless for more. His jaw was just nicely raspy, his scent a mix of woodsy and musky, more delicious than the chocolate flooding the room. And his lips…! Her head swam, her eyes closing as they skimmed the corner of her mouth and a heartbeat later, settled on it.

Sylvie Knight considers herself a reader more than a writer. She finds it most enjoyable to lose herself in a good book. Somehow that love grew into a desire to create some worlds like the ones she’s fond of discovering through the written word. She likes to write sensual, tender romances with sprinkling of angst and a dash of humor. She loves the English countryside and also travelling, when she gets the chance.

Author links ~ Twitter | Facebook | Website

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