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Author: Terry Tyler

Kindle Edition

Category: Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Murder Mystery, Book Review 


In 2024, a mystery virus ravages the entire world. ‘Bat Fever’ is highly contagious and one hundred per cent lethal.

A cottage tucked away in an isolated Norfolk village seems like the ideal place to sit out a catastrophic pandemic, but some residents of Hincham resent the arrival of Jack, Sarah and their friends, while others want to know too much about them.

What the villagers don’t know is that beneath Sarah’s cottage is a fully-stocked, luxury survival bunker. A post-apocalyptic ‘des res’.

The year is 2024, four years after the coronavirus pandemic, when the world is hit with a far deadlier virus. There was no way back from this one, it was fatal. If you caught it you died, unless you were one of the lucky ones who were vaccinated. At least in 2020 people still had their home comforts and there was a good recovery rate. This was a whole different ball game, bringing death and destruction on a massive scale. For those who survived, life was a struggle fraught with danger.

Before the world as they knew it ended, four university friends who have kept in touch over the years—Jack, Sarah, Daisy and Rexy—had been to check out a cottage left to Sarah by her uncle, in the village of Hincham. They were surprised to find Sarah’s uncle had built a fully stocked bunker under the cottage, convinced disaster would strike again. When it did, only two of the original four made it to the cottage, along with two others who were connected to their friends.

Once it began, it was so quick. The bat fever virus steamed through the country like a hurricane on speed, not giving the government or anyone else a chance to put preventative measures into action.

The villagers weren’t happy to see newcomers arrive in their small community, just in case they had brought the virus with them. Eventually things settled down when it became obvious none of them had, or carried, the virus and the friends slowly integrated into village life. Until the first murder.

The Visitor has a multi layered, character driven plot, with the threat of the virus ever present, along with the newer horror and panic at the thought of a murderer being in the village. The sense of isolation added to the unease. People looked at each other, wondering and suspicious.

I walk behind myself, in front, at either side, within. I am alive; this is my time.

I hide in plain sight.

I am invisible.

For now.

I enjoyed the way The Visitor’s thoughts head several of the chapters, without any indication as to who it might be, giving an indication of impending evil. Misleading clues scattered about sent me in every possible direction. I laid the blame on most of the characters at one time or another before the unexpected reveal. 

The main protagonists—Jack, Sarah, Avalon and Finn—are intriguing and well defined. The story unfolds from several perspectives, giving an ever deepening awareness of each one. Jack’s morality and inner voice made him the most likeable. There are shocks, surprises, things I didn’t see coming at all. Perfectly paced with a great ending which made me wonder if there would be a follow up. I loved the combination of dystopia and murder mystery. The Visitor is an absolute winner.

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About the Author

I am self-published and proud to be so, and have twenty-two books on Amazon. My latest release is The Visitor, a post-apocalyptic murder mystery set in the same world as my Project Renova series, but a separate story, with new characters.

I am currently at work on Megacity, the third and final book in the dystopian Operation Galton series, and the follow up Wasteland and Hope.

I’m a Walking Dead addict; I love watching great TV series, and reading anything to do with history, post apocalypse, dystopian scenarios, anthropology, mountaineering and polar exploration.

Terry’s social media links ~  Twitter  | GoodreadsWebsite | Book Review Blog

14 thoughts on “The Visitor by @TerryTyler4 ~ There’s a killer on the loose… #PostApocalyptic #MurderMystery #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. Cathy, thank you SO much for this glorious review – your description of the book absolutely nails it, as always! And, also as always, I love the quotes you chose. Really pleased you liked this so much – and glad the ‘clues’ sent you this way and that!

    As for a follow-up – I don’t know yet, I will just have to see if another story arrives in my head….

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