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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Mine, courtesy of Rachel’s Random Resources

Today I have an extract from the book…the beginning of Chapter Three, where we first meet Lily’s boss, Leonard. He’s a respectable, married man, yet he’s been attracted to Lily since the moment he saw her. 

On Monday morning, Leonard Warwick was sitting at his desk at the offices of Alder & Powney, Solicitors, waiting for Lily Wickham to arrive. He planned it that way, telling his wife that he needed to be in early to finish up some urgent work before the partners’ meeting. Daphne had complained that she didn’t have time to make his sandwiches, and why hadn’t he said anything last night? He shrugged off her complaints, kissed the children and departed before she could get a loaf out of the bread bin. 

He enjoyed a rush of excitement when he reached the station in time to catch the early train, but was disappointed to discover Lily had yet to arrive at the office. 

Leonard had spent the weekend trying to act normally, when in reality he felt as though his whole world was spinning on a different axis from the rest of the population. Had he imagined the brief but intense look they’d shared on Friday?  

All he could think about was Lily. Beautiful, fragrant Lily. Just the thought of her made him feel quite giddy. 

The building was quiet when he arrived. The old cage elevator groaned and squawked as it slowly carried Leonard up to the fourth-floor offices of Alder & Powney. He unlocked the door and turned lights on as he made his way through the reception area and typing pool to his office, still hoping that he would find Lily there. 

Surely she had felt it too? Surely she would be as eager to see him?  

But her office, just a few feet from his own, was dark and empty. He paused in the doorway, remembering. It had been gone five o’clock. They had been the only ones here – both reluctant, for their own reasons, to pack up and go home. 

He’d gone over their conversation in his head so many times during the past forty-eight hours. It all started so innocently: a polite chat about their respective plans for the weekend – his to take the family to the cinema, hers to attend her youngest sister’s wedding. Her nine-year-old daughter was to be bridesmaid. She’d smiled as she described the child’s excitement. 

From the first time he saw Lily Wickham, he’d been captivated. He remembered feeling crushed when he realised she was a married woman, even as he told himself that of course she would be taken. And it was just as well, because he, too, had a wife. But that realisation never dampened the thrill he felt whenever she smiled at him. Nor did it stop him wanting to touch her…

He looked at his watch. It was a quarter to nine. Lily usually arrived by half past eight. Where was she?

About the Book

London, 1968.

Lily’s dreams of a better life for her family are shattered when her teenage daughter refuses to give up her illegitimate child. It doesn’t help that Lily’s husband, Jack, takes their daughter’s side.

Taking refuge in her work at a law firm in the City, Lily’s growing feelings for her married boss soon provides a dangerous distraction.

Will Lily be able to resist temptation? Or will the decisions made by these ordinary people lead them down an extraordinary path that could destroy them all?

Mine – a powerful story of class, ambition and sexual politics.

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About the Author

Alison has been a legal executive, a registered childminder, a professional fund-raiser and a teacher. She has travelled the world – from spending a year as an exchange student in the US in the 1970s and trekking the Great Wall of China to celebrate her fortieth year and lots of other interesting places in between.

In her mid-forties Alison went to university part-time and gained a first-class degree in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and an MA in the same subject from Oxford Brookes University, both while still working full-time. Her first book was published a year after she completed her master’s degree.

Mine is a domestic drama set in 1960s London based on real events in her family. She is the only person who can tell this particular story. Exploring themes of class, ambition and sexual politics, Mine shows how ordinary people can make choices that lead them into extraordinary situations.

Alison teaches creative and life-writing, runs workshops and retreats with Imagine Creative Writing Workshops (www.imaginecreativewriting.co.uk) as well as working as a freelance editor. She is a member of the Society of Authors and the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

She lives in Somerset, within sight of Glastonbury Tor.

Social Media Links ~ 

Websites: www.alisonroseknight.com  www.imaginecreativewriting.co.uk www.darkstroke.com/dark-stroke/alison-knight/  | Facebook | Twitter

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