One Winter’s Night by @KileyDunbar ~ Contemporary #Fiction #Romance #TuesdayBookBlog

Author: Kiley Dunbar

Published: September 2020 by Hera

Category: Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Book Review


It’s autumn in beautiful Stratford-Upon-Avon and Kelsey Anderson is enjoying her new life in her adopted town. Her Shakespearean tour guide days behind her, she’s now opened her own photography studio and loved up with boyfriend Jonathan – even if a long-distance relationship is sometimes lonely.

When best friend Mirren Imrie moves down from Scotland, Kelsey is delighted to have her friend at her side – and as the nights turn colder, Mirren throws herself into dating, until she finds herself growing closer to sexy journalist, Adrian Armadale.

This book follows on from One Summer’s Night, which I hadn’t read, but One Winter’s Night can definitely be read and enjoyed as a standalone, particularly as the author gives a short recap of the previous book at the start.

Kelsey Anderson had spent the summer working as a tour guide in the pretty town of Stratford-upon-Avon, where she met her boyfriend. Jonathan Hathaway is an American stage actor and was only in Stratford for the summer season. He was now touring in America so Kelsey was left alone in Stratford with a long distance relationship until Jonathan came back for the Christmas holidays, both having to make do with facetime calls.

Norma, Kelsey’s ex boss at the tour guide company, had let her have the old tour guide premises at a very reduced rent, to give Kelsey chance to get her much anticipated photography business up and running.

Looking back, Kelsey reflected, Norma had probably never once seen her without a camera round her neck, and even though she had loved working for Norma at the agency, it was plain to see that Kelsey wasn’t dreaming of a life of tour-guiding, instead she had her heart set on a life she didn’t dare waste any daydreams on. Deep down, Kelsey was only really truly happy behind the lens of her dad’s lovely old camera. Norma has known instantly this fact that Kelsey was only dimly becoming aware of.

When Kelsey’s best friend, Mirren, packs in her job after one too many incidents of harassment and bullying, she hotfoots it down to Stratford to stay with Kelsey while she ponders her options and tries to get her life back on track. In the process she gets caught up with a local journalist and uncovers a secret scandal that could potentially cause ructions for Jonathan and his family, not to mention his relationship with Kelsey, if it became public.

This is a lovely, easy read with Shakespearian and theatre references scattered throughout, alternating between the perspectives of Kelsey and Mirren. More so because I could picture the setting very well. I love Stratford and used to live within easy travelling distance for a day out.

The characters are well drawn and easy to like, especially the intriguing and eccentric ex actress, Blythe. A secondary cast of diverse characters add to the story. All are brought to life in a wonderful setting, seeing their growth while showcasing love, friendship, hope and family though dramas, disappointments, uncertainties and perhaps ultimately happiness.

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About the Author

Kiley is Scottish and lives in England with her husband, two kids and Amos the Bedlington Terrier. She writes around her work at a University in the North of England where she lectures in English Literature and creative writing. She is proud to be a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and a graduate of their New Writers’ Scheme.

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