Mini #BookReviews ~ My Favourite Witch/To Catch A Witch (The Witches of Castle Clair, Books 2&3) by @Sharon_Booth1 #Romance #TuesdayBookBlog

Events are about to unfold that will challenge both Star and Benedict, and everything they believe to be true. In an attic room in North Yorkshire and a village hall in Ireland, unpalatable truths must be told, secrets must unfold, and life-changing decisions must be made.
Is forgiveness truly impossible? Are witches really that scary? And can a solution be reached before time, patience, and all the bourbon biscuits run out?
A story of pride, prejudice, and a whole lot of magic …

I really enjoyed Sky’s story in the first book in this series, Belle, Book and Christmas Candle. My Favourite Witch, the second instalment, is Star’s story and she’s definitely not having the best of times. Benedict, who she was about to get engaged to, was horrified when he found out the truth about the St Clair family and Star’s magical powers. He left Castle Clair and Star behind but is back to visit his grandmother — with Elsie, a new, seemingly perfect girlfriend in tow. The question on Benedict’s mind is why Star is being so nice to Elsie and does this bode ill for both of them?

Not only that, Star’s estranged and disgraced father is back on the scene with his new fiancée. To say the St Clair family and its members’ relationships are complicated is quite the understatement and more is revealed about the family’s history and those powers.

I wasn’t too keen on Benedict to begin with, rather enjoying his uncertainty and worry about meeting Star again along with his agonising over what she might do….but he did redeem himself as the story progressed, developing his, and others’ character along the way.

I enjoyed the way the plot unfolded with challenges for Star and Benedict, the complexity of the relationships, the fabulous setting (as soon as we can get out and about again I plan on visiting Knaresborough) and the humour sprinkled through the narrative like St Clair magic.

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The past is colliding with the present, and the future is in jeopardy. No wonder the High Council of Witches is a bit miffed.

Will the St Clairs have enough strength, courage ~ and chocolate fudge cake ~ to see them through?

Or is this the end of the world as they know it?

Celeste, the third of the St Clair sisters, had always been drawn inextricably to Blaise St Clair, their distant ancestor who famously leapt to his death 350 years ago from what has a since been named Witch’s Leap. Despite her sisters’ efforts, badgering her to date, she’s happy just working at Castle Clair’s museum. 

They’d worn me down with their incessant nagging until I’d given in and agreed to meet up with what they termed a suitable man. Suitable to whom? Not me. I didn’t need a man, and I wished my sister would accept that. Their flourishing love lives had convinced them I wouldn’t be without a partner, but they were wrong. I was fine as a single woman.

A momentous event takes place on Christmas Eve revealing the untapped power of Celeste’s magic, bringing trouble to the St Clair family and causing them to come under the highest scrutiny, while at the same time setting in motion an old prophecy. Celeste finds out the hard way that dreams and reality are rarely one and the same.

This third and final episode in the St Clair trilogy is full of drama, taking the legend that Castle Clair is built on and turning it upside down and throwing everyone into a possibly predetermined future.

As with the first book these are also well structured with unexpected twists, romance, humour, lots of wonderful magic and a perfect ending. 

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  1. Now I can’t decide whether I want a bourbon biscuit or some chocolate fudge cake! Since I have neither in the house, I don’t suppose it matters much… *sighs* These sound fun, and I love the cats on the covers.

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