#ThrowbackThursday ~ Murder at the Bridge (Exham on Sea Mysteries 5) by Frances Evesham #CosyMurderMystery

Murder at the Bridge is part of a very enjoyable cosy murder mystery series, published in June 2017.

My Thoughts

Taking a moment to relax in the marquee after her son, Robert’s wedding to Sarah, Libby Forrest has a strange conversation with Belinda, the bride’s mother, interrupted by an unnerving man in a kaftan, causing Libby to prickle with discomfort and Belinda to make a hasty exit. Libby’s innate curiosity is aroused but before she could process her thoughts she is dismayed to hear an altercation break out over a supposedly stolen ring. 

Due to their previous skills at solving cases, the police have asked Libby and Max to be consultants, on a paid retainer. So, when the two of them find the body of Liam Weston under a tractor, while walking Bear and Shipley, questions are raised. Liam was involved in the incident at the wedding the previous day. It looks like an accident initially but Libby isn’t convinced. 

Another very enjoyable, cosy murder/mystery in the Exham on Sea series, populated with wonderful and quirky residents. Not to mention Bear, the huge Carpathian sheepdog, Shipley, a Springer spaniel and Fuzzy, Libby’s aloof marmalade cat who has a soft spot for Bear. Libby has settled into small town life in the two years since she relocated to Exham. The close knit community and the dynamics between the residents is realistic and is one of the aspects that make these books fun to read.

Libby and Max, who is semi retired from the intelligence service, make a good investigative team, although their personal situation isn’t yet quite resolved. Libby’s bad experience with Trevor, her ex and now deceased husband, has left her wary of commitment and her on-off relationship with Max suffers another blow. 

I love being able to picture the familiar locations and  enjoyed catching up with engaging Libby, handsome Max and Mandy, Libby’s Goth apprentice.

About the Book

A summer wedding, a stolen heirloom, an eccentric aunt. What could possibly go wrong? When a suspicious death follows a country wedding, Libby Forest’s instincts tell her there’s something deeply amiss in the picturesque villages of Exmoor.
Alongside her on-off partner Max Ramshore, Libby delves deeper into the mysterious goings on in Horton as a sinister new acquaintance casts a foreboding shadow over Libby’s investigations.
As people begin to disappear, it’s a race against time to uncover the Exmoor secrets before it’s too late.

4 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday ~ Murder at the Bridge (Exham on Sea Mysteries 5) by Frances Evesham #CosyMurderMystery

  1. I’ve never heard of this series, but it does seem like something I would like. Maybe the big dog might be a bit scary for poor Elza, but she’ll get over it soon! Thanks for sharing!

    Elza Reads


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