Songwriter Night: A Musical Romance by D.G. Driver #ContemporaryFiction #RBRT @DGDriverAuthor #TuesdayBookBlog

Author: D.G. Driver

Published: January 2021

Category: Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Book Review


In this sweet romantic novella, Lyle and Trish are two aspiring Country music songwriters that meet at a Nashville coffee house. With Trish being new in town, Lyle invites her to his monthly gathering of songwriters to get to know her better. The evening of quirky characters and light-hearted singing is interrupted by the arrival of Aiden Bronson.

Nashville, Tennessee is still the Country music capital of the world for those who want to do things the old fashioned way, while soaking up the atmosphere of the city.

Aspiring singer/songwriter Trish is no exception. She’s working on the lyrics of a song as she quietly hums along, catching the attention of one of the two other occupants of the coffee house. Lyle, a Tennessee native, is distracted by Trish and can’t focus on his writing. Noticing she had just finished her latte he seizes the opportunity and buys her another.

Trish and Lyle start chatting and, since Trish is new to the area and has no contacts, Lyle invites her to the songwriter night he and his friend host every month at their house. 

Concentrating on how she looked and how to get there kept her from thinking about the real issue: singing her songs in front of strangers. Not just strangers. Nashville songwriters. Was she ready for this? Sure. She’d sung her songs in front of people before, but they were her family, friends, and coworkers.

Songwriter Night is a sweet, easy to read novella, also available as an audio version with a full cast and original songs. Even with the kindle version it’s interesting to read the lyrics and the poetry from the eclectic and distinct group of people who gather at Lyle and Neil’s house, and that’s where the majority of the story takes place. 

Trish and Lyle are likeable from the start, both a little unsure of themselves and their musical abilities, but the dedication of each is apparent. The songwriter night is going well until Aiden, a previous member who made good, decides to honour the group with his presence, and stir things up at the same time. 

I chose to read and review Songwriter Night: A Musical Romance for Rosie Amber’s book review team, based on a digital copy kindly supplied by the author. 

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D. G. Driver is an optimist at heart, and that’s why she likes to write about young people making an impact on the world. You’ll find among her books a teen environmental activist, a young girl teaching people about autism acceptance and to stop bullying people with special needs, a princess who wants to be more than a prize for a prince, a boy who wins a girl’s heart by being genuine and chivalrous, and a girl who bravely searches for a friend lost along the shore of a dark lake. She is a multi-award winning author of books for teens and tweens, but you’ll find some romance and horror stories in the anthologies, too. When Driver isn’t writing, she’s a teacher at an inclusive child development program in Nashville, TN. She might also take a break from writing once in a while to strut the stage in a local theater production. You’re guaranteed to find her belting out Broadway show tunes anytime she’s driving.

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