A Visit to Chirk Castle #Photography #MedievalFortress

It was lovely to be out and about again, even on a bank holiday. Having to book a slot to visit the castle meant the visitor numbers were kept to a reasonable number and the place wasn’t overrun.

Building Chirk Castle began in the latter part of the 13th century and was one of several defense fortresses on the Welsh/English border. A very impressive building, dominating the surrounding area.

The building is surrounded on one side by lawns enclosed in meticulously clipped hedges

The castle itself is still closed to the public so we’ll be making a return visit and, as it happened, we didn’t get to see all the grounds either. 

Although it’s not very clear without zooming in, the statue in the distance is one of Hercules.

21 thoughts on “A Visit to Chirk Castle #Photography #MedievalFortress

      1. Yeah, can you imagine? It’s just stunning. My daughter and I were reading a storybook about haunted castles and learned about Glamis Castle. Definitely on my bucket list! 😉

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