A Visit to Wightwick Manor and Gardens #NationalTrust #VictorianManor #ArtsandCrafts

Wightwick Manor was built in the late 1800s for Theodore and Flora Manders, and inherited by their son Geoffrey, a paint manufacturer and Liberal MP, in 1900. In the 1930s Geoffrey Maunder somehow persuaded the National Trust to take on a house that was only 50 years old. He and his seccond wife beccame live in curators.

The Victorian manor house is impressive outside and in, with barley twist chimneys, stained glass windows, William Morris wallpapers and fabrics, ornate fireplaces and wood panelling…the list goes on. The inside of the house was quite dark in order to preserve the fixtures and fittings and, understandably, flash photography was forbidden.

Some of the flowers and vistas in the 17 acre garden 

Beautifully tranquil

and very colourful

It’s difficult to see some of the ornate detail but you can get a sense of the stained glass (click to enlarge) and zooming in there’s a face carved in the ornate apex woodwork.

This was a day of sunshine, cloud and downpours so the light changed constantly.

Definitely a place that deserves a return visit. 

13 thoughts on “A Visit to Wightwick Manor and Gardens #NationalTrust #VictorianManor #ArtsandCrafts

  1. Beautiful images Cathy and what a wonderful place to visit! 🧡 Wishing you a blessed rest of the weekend and much love from our house to yours 🤗💕🐕 xxx

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