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My thanks to Hayley Cox from Midas PR for getting in touch about a circular economy retailer she’s working with. Hayley says ‘AwesomeBooks is a sustainable bookseller that is committed to making a positive impact with every book sold.’

I had no idea that the paper production and printing process takes up more then 80% of a book’s carbon footprint. Awesome Books ensure that no book is wasted or thrown away by re-selling, donating or recycling. Since their launch in 2004 they have managed to save over 130 million books from landfill.

Awesome Books are also passionate about promoting literacy with their ‘buy one, give one’ initiative which means for every book sold they donate one to someone in need and have pledged 250,000 books to the National Literacy Trust.


I was sent a package which included a copy of I Am Pilgrim, a book I’ve had on my radar for a while. It’s in very good condition, with no loose or torn pages, just minimal creasing on the spine. Awesome Books have a wide range of genres along with fiction, including non fiction, children’s and also new books.

If you would like a browse through their site and perhaps find something you like, or a gift for someone, you can use the code Between the Lines at the checkout for 20% off all used books on until 31 December 2021. Any purchases during this period will also fall into AwesomeBooks’ ‘buy one, give one’ programme supporting the National Literacy Trust.


This video explains how Awesome Books make bookselling sustainable.

4 thoughts on “Awesome Books UK ~ Sustainable Bookseller #AwesomeBooks #BuyOneGiveOne #SustainableReading #PrelovedBooks @AwesomeBooksUK

    1. You’re right, in an ideal world kindle books are definitely better but reycling is a good option. In most cases authors get more for print books although I can understand them feeling shortchanged. I do like having physical books around the house though… 📚

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