#SundayStills ~ The Elements and Nature #Photography

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature hosted by Terri Webster Shrandt. This week’s theme centres on the elements.SundayStills

 Brimham Rocks, a historic site near Harrogate in Yorkshire is a collection of rock formations which have been sculpted over centuries by wind, rain and ice. The rocks tower over Brimham moor offering incredible views, and are cared for by the National Trust. It’s amazing to think that millions of years ago there was a mountain range in this area.



Clouds gathering in the mountains prior to a storm.

These trees have been shaped by the extremely fierce winds that often sweep across the North Wales coast.

This little goldfinch was determined not to be blown of his perch on the tall conifer in the garden behind ours in the previous house. I cheated a bit and added the video to show it was actually windy…

25 thoughts on “#SundayStills ~ The Elements and Nature #Photography

  1. It is really incredible to see these rocks and to know they were once part of a mountain range, Cathy. Just shows us the power of the elements for sure. Beautiful images to show us all the elements. Love the fiery color of the goldfinch as he hangs on for dear life in that wind!
    Always great to see your fab photography shared with Sunday Stills!

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  2. Beautiful images Cathy, the way the wind has shaped the trees is amazing! 💚 Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday and much love from our house to yours 🤗💕🐕 xxx

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  3. Cathy, I was seriously concerned for that goldfinch and you as well! What a gale! I was also interested in the cemetery by the water…… I imagine that cemetery has been there awhile. I have only seen that one other time and that was in St Ives! Cady

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    1. I was very surprised the goldfinch stayed on the branch so long, but he seemed none the worse for being battered by the wind. The cemetry has been there for a good while, it’s on the Great Orme in North Wales. I believe there’s been a church there for centuries.


  4. Sometimes I think we can forget we are constantly in touch with all the elements. I love the way you walked us through Brigham moor. How many people have walked those same steps, for centuries. I am glad it is cared for by the trust so it stays as it should. Donna

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