Windleshaw Chantry ~ #Historic Building #Photography

Windleshaw Chantry is a small enclosed graveyard with the ruins of the original chapel, adjoining the cemetery in the town where I grew up. 


Dating from the early 15th century, the Chantry was built by Sir Thomas Gerard, as far as I can gather for masses to be said for himself, his wife and his ancestors, permission granted by the Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield.


People in the Middle Ages believed wholeheartedly in Purgatory, and the fear of dying in sin prompted them to pray, attend masses and do good in the hope it would help their chances of entering Heaven.


The building is grade 2 listed, in the top 6% of listed building in the UK, and is in the process of being restored. More interesting information can be found here.

Adding a bit of drama (thanks to a photo app)…would you visit at night?

17 thoughts on “Windleshaw Chantry ~ #Historic Building #Photography

  1. What a beautiful chapel Cathy, I especially love it in the daytime! 💛 Wishing you all a happy Sunday and please give sweet Flynn a gentle pat from us all 🤗💕🐕 xxx

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  2. I’d love to visit at night, and chat to all the ghosts of all the people who’ve been buried there over the centuries – what tales they could tell! Of course, if one actually appeared, I’d run like… purgatory… 😉

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