#SpotlightFeature ~ Baby Aviva Orangutan Diva by Hans Kullberg @AvivasDaddy #ChildrensFiction #BabyAviva

I’m delighted to shine the spotlight on a wonderful children’s book, Baby Aviva Orangutan Diva.

‘A beautifully illustrated, rhyming children’s book about female heroism, teamwork, finding inner courage and staying true to one’s self to conquer fears and overcome long odds.’


‘Journey through the Jungle where the Baby Aviva’s bravery and ingenuity saves her family and friends from the perilous fate of hunger.

Relying on her vivacious spirit and can-do attitude, Aviva the Orangutan Diva’s quest for golden bananas leads her to confront dangerous encounters and overcome obstacles, a challenge only the fearless heroine would accept within her community.  In a show of female bravery, teamwork and empowerment, Aviva teams up with her friend Sofia the Elephant to conquer the impossible, swinging off cliffs and traversing treacherous waters filled with crocodiles.

Soar through the treetops as Aviva sings, dances and charms her way with friends and foes alike, even captivating the imagination of the most fearsome beast in the jungle, Tito the Tiger, who is fascinated by the high-spirited, diminutive orangutan who shows no fear in the face of danger. Dancing to her melodic tunes, Tito moves to the rhythm and revels with glee, swaying to the music with Baby Aviva the Orangutan Diva. Befriending a potential adversary, Aviva proves that one should “never judge a book by its cover” and even the most challenging obstacles can be overcome with bravery, creativity, ingenuity, teamwork and a focus on staying true to one’s own personal strengths and values. By showcasing her talents and harnessing her courage, Aviva is able to save the day and make new friends along the way. Loosely based on a true story, this fun-loving, rhymingchildren’s book about animals will bring joy, smiles and laughter to your child’s story time while delivering important, lifelong lessons.  Enchanting and endearing to readers young and old, your kid will be asking to read it again and again.

This uplifting children’s book on jungle animals is a great gift for kids seeking to overcome fears, adapt to new environments and conquer their toughest challenges in life while finding inner happiness.  By remaining true to own’s most authentic self and finding strength from within, almost anything in life can be accomplished and anything is possible.’

Book links ~ Waterstones | Amazon UK | Amazon US | Book Depository 

There’s also a YouTube trailer here.


Me and V 1Hans Kullberg is an Author, specializing in Children’s Books, Grief and Parenting Books. Hans is a loving father of 4 wonderful children and prides himself on being a father first and foremost, cherishing every moment of his fatherhood journey. Also a serial entrepreneur in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, greatest pleasures of parenthood are bringing smiles and joy to his children and he loves watching them learn and grow.  Making up silly, fantastical tales of dragons, race cars, flying unicorns and laughing llamas at bedtime every night is just part of his parenthood duties.

Aviva - Big Smile Pink ShirtDue to the unexpected tragedy of losing his daughter Aviva at 10 months old, Hans is motivated to share her fearless character, fun-loving spirit and vivacious personality embodied through an orangutan in Baby Aviva Orangutan Diva. Even though she is no longer here to meet friends, Aviva can still change lives and create positive impact through the messages of this book including overcoming adversity by using your inner strengths, never judging a book by its cover and staying true to yourself. That is her Dad’s ultimate hope and motivation for writing – to bring smiles to children all over the world while sharing his daughter’s beautiful story and turning sorrow into a wonderful legacy.

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