Signs of life in the garden at last #nature #photography

When we moved here last year there was nothing in the garden but an established cherry tree, which is now looking like it’s almost ready to blossom again. It’s too early for some of the plants but not for others…

The vibrant new leaves of the Red Robin. The one on the left is a smaller variety.

I’ve forgotten what these are…the tags are around somewhere…

Lots more buds waiting to open on the magnolia …

…and the rowan tree is gaining some height

The choisya will soon be covered in tiny white flowers

Time to start thinking about what else to buy…lots more spaces to fill!

10 thoughts on “Signs of life in the garden at last #nature #photography

  1. Lovely to see the first blooms and blossoms Cathy! 🌺 Wishing you a peaceful rest of the weekend and please give sweet Flynn a gentle pat from us all 🤗💕🐕 xxx

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