#Spotlight ~ The Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults: Mindful Coloring to Decrease #Stress and #Anxiety by Kara Holmes #TuesdayBookBlog

I’m pleased to spotlight something different today — The Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults. I used to love colouring when I was a child…I’m going to take it up again after seeing the lovely designs in this book. I can image how calming it would be.

There’s a wide variety of themes, some intricate, some less so, and some with positive quotes, which I’m sure would provide hours of pleasure. Shelves of books, flowers and abstact images feature. There’s something for everyone. 

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Kara says “As you may be aware, a large percentage of the national population is dealing with anxiety. As someone who has suffered from this mental illness personally, I’ve come to realize that relief can be found from mechanisms outside of medication and behavioral therapies.

I’ve designed my coloring book with 67 unique patterns that have been proven to provide a calming effect to those struggling with anxiety. Some pages also include powerful affirmations to ward off negative thoughts and help the reader improve their outlook on life.”


Do you remember when you were a kid and you had so much fun with coloring?

IMG_0989As it turns out, most adults are dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety in their daily lives. Worry steals away our presence as we’re focused on what we have to get done in the near future. But now, this coloring book will help you take care of your mind intentionally.

Coloring is a healthy, easy, and fun way to decrease anxiety and stress in your life. It allows you to be mindful and present and live in the moment.

These moments are pure gold as since your life is so busy and sometimes you can’t seem to catch a break and just take the time you need to unwind.

In the Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults, you’ll discover:

  • 67 Unique pages with calming designs, shapes, and images to color

  • How coloring effectively decreases stress and anxiety that rises up in your daily life

  • Affirmations of 21 of the pages that help you improve your mindset every single day

  • How coloring and music can complement each other and improve your ability to calm down when things are stressful.

IMG_0990and much more…As a free bonus, you’ll get an invite to find music we’ve designed specifically for your coloring experience. This coloring book has designs that are oriented towards adults, but are just challenging enough so they remain enjoyable.

So even if you’ve never colored before as an adult or are a seasoned adult colorist, you too can wind down and soothe anxiety quickly with this coloring book.

Book links ~ Amazon UK | Amazon US


6dl5814ni5vno51k16eb6hmm38._SX450_Kara Holmes is a Registered Nurse & eating disorder recovery coach. After healing from her own eating disorder of 11 years, she now helps determined women struggling with eating disorders find holistic healing and recovery by teaching them how to listen to their bodies and reimagine food, weight, and body image. She is passionate about holistic health, finding true balance in all areas of life, and inviting God into each experience. In her free time, she enjoys long hikes in the wilderness, creating new recipes in her kitchen, and traveling to new cities.

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19 thoughts on “#Spotlight ~ The Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults: Mindful Coloring to Decrease #Stress and #Anxiety by Kara Holmes #TuesdayBookBlog

      1. Really? Ohmygoodness they have one for just about everything now. You can even find some bookish ones. Harry Potter, Throne of Glass, Game of Thrones. They make great gifts, too. 😋

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  1. I probably wouldn’t purchase this one as I’m not a fan of text in the middle of my colouring but I have a few other adult colouring books and they really do work when I feel stressed or anxious. Been a while since I’ve done it though because I ran out of audiobooks to listen to in the meantime 😂

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  2. This sounds lovely, Cathy. Will definitely check it out. Jenny Lawson’s ‘You Are Here’ is another fabulous example – I used it a lot when I went through a period of not sleeping. Very relaxing and comforting too 🙂

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