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I’m delighted to be joining the blog tour and sharing my review for A Wish for Jo, courtesy of Rachel’s Random Resources.

A Wish For Jo

My Thoughts

A Wish for Jo puts local café owner and baker, Jo, in the spotlight. She loves her café, A Bit of Crumpet, but would really like something other than work in her life. She doesn’t know what exactly…excitement, maybe romance or just a touch of magic now and then…

Perhaps the new addition to the village, in the shape of Harvey Quinn, would brighten her days. On the other hand, he was rather grumpy and rude, so perhaps not. What Jo didn’t expect was Aaliyah. Jo’s wish had come true in a way she hadn’t been expecting and she seemed stuck with Aaliyah, who was now posing as her new assistant, complete with Geordie accent and attitude.

Jo regarded her ‘assistant’ with a combination of frustration and disbelief. The latter still lingered, two weeks after Aaliyah’s unorthodox appearance in Jo’s life. The former… Well, suffice to say that Aaliyah would never make the grade on The Great British Bake Off. Less Mary Berry, more Mary Shelley, with a knack of putting the monstrous into muffins.

Jo heartily regretted buying those lamps from Sam’s antique shop and would be having a strong word or two with Jinnie when she and Sam returned from holiday…if she survived that long.

If you’ve read the previous book you’ll have a good idea of the havoc an unexpected and uninvited ‘guest’ can cause, wish granting ability notwithstanding. Although Jo would be forever grateful for one particular wish. But when there are two unexpected guests, it’s double the trouble. Unfortunately for Jo, wanting them to disappear was a wish too far. She had to muddle through as best she could. 

I enjoyed the familiarity of the Cranley residents, as in the previous book they are well drawn and likeable, even Harvey grew on me as more of his story unfolded. Another fun read from Audrey Davis which includes sadness, humour, romance, light hearted banter and a very satisfactory ending.


A-Wish-For-Jo-KindleThe hilarious sequel to A Wish For Jinnie! Best read in order.
Jo Milligan’s café — A Bit of Crumpet — is her pride and joy.
But icing cakes and baking pastries in the sleepy Scottish village of Cranley isn’t hitting the sweet spot.
Jo longs for some excitement in her life. The arrival of gruff stranger Harvey Quinn doesn’t fill her with joy. Nor does the appearance of an unlikely assistant with an unexpected gift … and a serious attitude problem.
Genie Aaliyah grants Jo three wishes, but coming up with ideas proves challenging.
As Jo grows closer to Cranley’s newest resident, secrets threaten to derail their relationship.
Can Jo find a way to cook up a happy ending, or do the ingredients add up to a recipe for disaster?

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4AD5C73E-576B-4567-A85C-03822C36A0D2Audrey Davis is a Scottish-born former journalist, now resident in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Her newspaper career saw her cover events in Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands, as well as working for a London-based movie magazine writing reviews and carrying out interviews.

She self-published her debut romantic comedy novel A Clean Sweep in June 2017, following an online Open University course in Writing Fiction. 

Audrey followed up with a short, darker prequel A Clean Break before beginning work on a rom-com novella trilogy with a ghostly twist – The Haunting of Hattie Hastings. Reviews across the board were excellent, and it was combined into a standalone novel in November 2018.

A Wish For Jinnie was published in June 2020, and her fifth book – Lost In Translation – in January 2021.

All her books are available as Kindle ebooks and paperbacks through Amazon. 

Apart from writing, Audrey enjoys travel and spends a lot of time in Edinburgh. She is an avid cook, watcher of scary movies and reluctant gym-goer.

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