#SpotlightFeature ~ The Orange and Ginger Soapy Shampoo, A Bubble’s Story by Pamela James #ChildrensFiction #KidLit

I’m delighted to share this wonderfully illustrated children’s book, plus a half price offer from the author for a bundle which includes the book, a colouring book and a musical album.

The Orange and Ginger Soapy Shampoo, A Bubble’s Story is a delightful book for adults and children to enjoy reading together, and also for children to read on their own. Colourful illustrations enhance the story of two adventurous bubbles as they navigate the great outdoors with the emotions and situations they encounter.

Magellan Estefan (M.E.) and Luminous (Lumy) were made of special soapy stuff that meant they didn’t burst like ordinary bubbles. They escaped one day as Amelia was having her hair washed and began their travels. The two bubbles saw many great sights all over the world and beyond and made lots of new friends, but it wasn’t quite all plain sailing. There were difficult situations to overcome but everything is surmountable with the right attitude. Love and laughter triumph. 

This lovely book includes important lessons and topics presented in a child friendly way, and with the accompanying catchy, sing-along soundtrack featuring the characters from the book, would give hours of fun and pleasure. 

From the press release…

‘Spending time together as a family is an important part of a child’s development. Bedtime stories have long been one of the best ways to spend that quality time, as it helps both parent and child decompress from the day, while fostering creativity. Author Pamela James uses her brilliant imagination to build a beautiful story that brings the whole family together for a literary journey with tales of courage and friendship. Set in a world of wonder and discovery, The Orange and Ginger Soapy Shampoo, A Bubble’s Story (available June 6, 2022), transports children into a whimsical and colorful world that teaches life lessons about overcoming adversity, embracing friendship, and the power of love.’


Amelia’s mother washes her hair with a magical shampoo, made of orange, ginger, laughter and love, handed down from a family recipe over many generations. The shampoo gives birth to two special, un-pop-able soap bubbles, Magellan Estefan, his friends call him M.E., and Luminous, Lumy, for short. The two dream of seeing the world beyond their shampoo jar that sits on a kitchen windowsill, overlooking the backyard. One Saturday morning when Amelia’s mother is washing her daughter’s hair, the bubbles escape their shampoo jar, and they are whisked out the open window by Gentle Wind, setting off on a grand adventure. The friends set their hearts on meeting the biggest and most magical bubbles of all — Bright

Bubble and Blue Bubble, who take turns glowing in the sky, day, and night. In The Orange and Ginger Soapy Shampoo, A Bubble’s Story, M.E. and Lumy meet new friends, face enemies, and discover love and loss. Exciting and engaging, this story is an adventurous tale with something for every family member to appreciate.


Also accompanying this chapter book is a wonderful debut album titled Fluke Horizon – A Journey. Fifteen original songs, also written by Ms. James, are showcased including liner notes and lyrics. There is also a coloring book available with over 200 pages for children to enjoy and create their own eye- catching masterpiece. The Orange and Ginger Soapy Shampoo, A Bubble’s Story also has an audiobook with animated sound effects to experience anytime. It will surely engage listeners of all ages. The Orange and Ginger Soapy Shampoo, A Bubble’s Story is the first book in this delightful series. A delightful puzzle game featuring the main characters in…A Bubble’s Story for the entire family to enjoy is in development and should be available in 2023.

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PAMELA JAMES is an author and the founder of Caterpillar-Butterfly LLC. She developed a love for reading as a child and that love never left her. Pamela holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Communications from Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, New Jersey and a Master of Science Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Owning a Children’s Book Publishing Boutique is the natural progression for Ms. James’ dream of creating wonderful and insightful stories for children to learn and grow from. Recently undertaking an Inkubate.com ScoreIt! TM analysis, Ms. James’ current work is likened to authors C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Pope Osborne’s, A Ghost Tale For Christmas Time, and Shark Wars, by Ernie Altbacker. Ultimately, young, and old alike, will reap the fruits of her engaging fairytales, grounded in real life. For media inquiries, Ms. James can be reached at info@caterpillar-butterfly.com and for more information, please visit http://www.caterpillar-butterfly.com.


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