#SundayStills ~ Home or Away? #Holidays #Scotland

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature, hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt.


The theme this week is vacation or staycation, so I’m looking back at a holiday in Scotland a few years ago.

We stayed in a stone cottage with quite a large garden and enjoyed finding the quirky garden sculptures.

The church is in the pretty town of Luss on the (bonnie, bonnie) banks of Loch Lomond…I feel a song coming on…

Dating from around 1260, the Viking Hogback stone is a typical example of an Anglo Scandinavian grave marker.

Built in the 14th century, Doune Castle is a popular filmimg location and has been featured in Outlander, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Game of Thrones.


Images from Loch Lomond

And to finish, a couple of Highland cattle


28 thoughts on “#SundayStills ~ Home or Away? #Holidays #Scotland

  1. I’m so glad you chose to vacation away, Cathy, these are spectacular photos of Scotland. What a cool piece of trivia to read about Castle Doune and its notoriety! Those highland cattle are very striking! Since I’m over 50% Scottish according to Ancestry dot com, I really need to get to Scotland so I can feel it in my bones. Fun tour, thank you!

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    1. Apparently I’m 50% Irish according to Ancestry and although we did visit when I was in my teens I still have a hankering to visit again. I hope you get to Scotland, it’s abosolutely stunning.

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  2. You can never go wrong with castles, Loch Lomond, and (my favorites) Scottish Highland cattle! Great photos, Cathy. And thanks for sharing the extra bits of info with them, too. Of all the places in the world, I’ve always put Scotland at the top of my Travel Wish List. Maybe someday ……… 😊

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