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41cx-np3yLLAuthor: Linn B Halton

Published: November 2022

Category: Contemporary Fiction, Romance


Kerra Shaw‘s happiness should be complete when the love of her life moves into her cottage. But there is trouble in her beloved Penvennan Cove and Kerra knows she won’t be able to enjoy her new start with Ross until she’s put things right.

Kerra knows she can find the perfect solution, but with her eyes on the community, will Kerra miss the tensions in her own life? Can Kerra find her own happy ending, or could putting others first cost her what she deserves most?


Finding Happiness at Penvennan Cove is the third book and final book in the trilogy. Kerra’s return to the cove and her integration back into the community hasn’t been without its ups and downs but Kerra and Ross are together at last and seemingly very happy in Kerra’s beautifully restored cottage. The only cloud on the horizon is her dad’s refusal to accept them as a couple. There’s a long running feud between the two families, and father and daughter can’t seem to find a way to move forward.

Waking up each morning next to the man who first stole my heart more than a decade ago is still a novelty. But it’s also a reminder to count my blessings. No matter what problems the new day ahead might bring, each night when we fall asleep in each other’s arms the irritating worries simply fade away. As for the bigger issues — well, it’s a case of acknowledging there are some things that are outside of my control, no matter how difficult that is to accept.

Meanwhile Ross is facing a dilemma after being forced out of his business by his father’s machinations. There also are other factors affecting the village keeping Kerra from focusing on her own life. 

Businesses are in trouble and, although the villagers don’t want to see them disappear, some of them don’t like the fact that Kerra brings in people from outside the community to try and boost the failing services. Just goes to show, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Kerra does her best though, while trying to keep the integrity of the village. 

Like any small community there’s a diverse cast of residents. I’ve especially enjoyed Kerra’s interaction with Mrs Moyle and her husband, Arthur, who both have to deal with very unwelcome and shocking news. Kerra’s circle of friends are delightful. Her fears and upset about the circumstances of her beloved grandfather’s death are laid to rest at last.

I enjoyed the conclusion of the characters’ story arcs as loose ends are tied up in a satisfyingly realistic manner. The location is gorgeous, I’m not sure whether it’s fictional, or based on a real place but if it’s real I’d like to visit. 

My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley.

elegant-1769669_640Linn HaltonLinn B. Halton writes feelgood fiction: home is where the heart is! In 2013 she won the UK Festival of Romance: Innovation in Romantic Fiction Award. Originally from Bristol, she now lives in the Welsh Valleys with her husband and Bengal cat, Ziggy. For Linn, life is all about family, friends and writing. She is a self-confessed hopeless romantic and an eternal optimist. When Linn is not writing, she spends time in the garden weeding, or practising Tai Chi. And she is often found with a paintbrush in her hand indulging her passion for upcycling furniture.

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