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62981265._SX318_Sarah Collier, a Nobel prize winning scientist, has taken time off from the pressure of work and the press to spend more time with her family, particularly her father who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Sarah herself is starting to show signs of the disease with memory loss and blackouts. Sarah’s husband, Daniel, is a neuroscientist and when Sarah wants to decline an invitation to be guest of honour at an important biotech conference hosted by Mauritz Schiller, Daniel persuades her that the ground breaking work being developed by Schiller would be to her advantage. As Sarah struggles with the increasing severity of her symptoms, she reluctantly agrees.

Geneva is a suspenseful drama with several unexpected twists and a very dark undertone. A few elements didn’t really seem plausible, didn’t quite add up or were perhaps a little over the top, but on the whole a good debut. Great narration by the author, Richard Armitage, and Nicola Walker.


No Place to Hide ~ Cherringham Book 41 

59431636._SY475_I’m enjoying very much this long running series of cosy short stories, written by Matthew Costello and Neil Richards, narrated by Neil Dudgeon. Set in the fictitious Cotswold village of Cherringham, it features English web designer, Sarah Edwards, and ex New York homicide detective, Jack Brennan, who relocated to the UK when his wife died. He lives on an old barge moored at Cherringham with his dog, Riley. He and Sarah are the village’s unofficial private detectives and are adept at solving mysteries, aided by Jack’s background and Sarah’s internet expertise. When Ed Finlay, a computer programmer and devoted family man, doesn’t return from work one day, his wife Emma is scared something bad has happened to him. The police can’t do much as Ed told them in confidence that he’d be away for some time. After hearing nothing for a month, Emma asks Jack and Sarah for help. They soon discover secrets and are concerned that Ed is not only missing but most probably also in danger.

The mysteries are succinct and well written with well thought through plots.


The Creek (A Summer Suspense Mystery)

60756411._SY475_Kate Irving slipped into her young son’s bedroom, woke him gently, grabbed the backpack she packed previously and only just managed to escape the house before her abusive and controlling husband, Will, could stop them. She’d been planning this for such a long time, her destination was her grandfather’s house in Frenchman’s Creek by the Helford river where she spent much of her childhood. She hoped being there would help to heal her, physically as well as mentally, before she moved on to somewhere she hoped Will would never find them. Will, however, had no intention of letting Kate disappear with his son. A devious plan is set in motion and after all, who would believe a famous and well loved actor was capable of violence.

The Creek is an easy listening and enjoyable murder/mystery set in beautiful Cornwall writtten by LJ Ross. 


Solace House  ( Jackman & Evans Book 9)

62347602._SY475_The Stewart family have moved into Solace House wanting a new start. Holly Stewart knew the house had a history, but not how bad that history was. Things go wrong almost from the start. Her husband loses his job, the children are bullied at school and there’s someone skulking around the garden. After bumping into Holly and chatting, Jackman feels sorry for the family wants to help, but he gets caught up in a cold case. A witness has come forward with new information. He’s desperate to disclose something terrible. Then a gruesome discovery is made which has links to the cold case and evil and historic events were slowly uncovered.

This was a decent addition to the Jackman and Evans series written by Joy Ellis, but not my favourite. Sometimes I find the main characters a bit too unrealistically nice. There are also a couple of characters whose storyline didn’t seem to go anywhere, and killing off a regular didn’t add to the plot – unless these two things feature in the next book…

I did enjoy listening, however and Richard Armitage did a great job as always.

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