#SundayStills ~ Feeding Time with the Birds #Nature #Photography #Birds

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature hosted by Terri Webster Shrandt


This week is all about feeding the birds. The three photos below were taken from a hide at Lake Vyrnwy in Wales. 

An upside down nuthatch.

The first time I’ve seen a pheasant on bird feeders, and the squirrel was making the most of the feast on offer. The little birds didn’t get much of a look in with these two around.

Great spotted woodpeckers are frequent visitors to the garden.

Feeding the egg sitter

Great tit and goldfinch waiting their turn.

The robins seem to enjoy the variety.

The chaffinches seem to prefer hoovering up the dropped seeds. The female was surveying the scene before she left her perch on the branch and joined the male.

As small birds form part of the sparrowhawk’s diet, and I think he was after a tasty morsel, after his photoshoot I shooed him away.

27 thoughts on “#SundayStills ~ Feeding Time with the Birds #Nature #Photography #Birds

  1. As a lover of wildlife in general and birds in particular, I really enjoyed seeing these, Cathy! Great pics of birds that I’ll likely never see in person. I enjoyed them all, especially the great spotted woodpecker.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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      1. I have more birds today while snowing than I have getting pingbacks today. I’ve read quite a few other bloggers are having the same issues–seems like a “system-wide outage” since so many are having issues. I’m glad I add everyone’s links in my roundup for each link so people can see them and check them out. I fear it will be a long week hunting down links that may not appear in my e-mail notifications 😦

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