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Celebrating the 10th anniversary with a new cover and blurb, I’m delighted to be joining the reveal for the Cheesemaker’s House, organised by Rachel’s Random Resources. 

The Cheesemakers House Cover Reveal

I read the book not long after it was first published in 2013 and I’m pleased to share my review again. But first here’s the blurb….

A new start means new neighbours, from present and past…

When Alice discovers her husband has been cheating there are just three things she wants; their gorgeous second home in Yorkshire, their spaniel William, and a quiet life.

But no sooner than she arrives in Great Fencote, strange things begin to happen. A skinny-dipping swimmer disappears without trace, only to pop up behind the counter of a local coffee shop. Someone seems to be crying at night, but she can’t work out who. And equally unsettling is the incredibly sexy builder she employs to turn her barn into a holiday let.

Old houses hide old secrets, but is The Cheesemaker’s House ready to share the tragedy in its past? And can Alice, café owner Owen, and builder Richard, find a way to lays its ghosts to rest for once and for all?

The perfect read for fans of Barbara Erskine, Kate Ryder and Jenni Keer.

The Cheesemaker’s House was Jane Cable’s debut novel and reached the final four of the Alan Titchmarsh Show’s People’s Novelist competition. Jane now writes under her own name for Sapere Books and as Eva Glyn for Harper Collins imprint One More Chapter.

“The gift here is to make you want to read on.” Jeffery Archer

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For a very limited time only, The Cheesemaker’s House is only 99p! 

And now for the lovely new cover…

New cover March 23

My Thoughts

New Cottage (a misnomer as it was built centuries ago to the specifications of the village cheesemaker) came with the divorce settlement but needs some TLC and Alice wants to renovate the barn that was included with the cottage, as a holiday let. She hires tall, dark and gorgeous local builder, Richard Wainwright to do the necessary work.

Despite not wanting another relationship, Alice finds she’s attracted to café owner, Owen Maltby. Owen, slightly mysterious and unpredictable, is a qualified pharmacist but gave up his career to become a healer, taking over from his grandmother when she passed away.

Even as she’s settling in and making friends, all is not as it seems in Alice’s world. Several times she’s caught glimpses of Owen in unlikely and random places but he disappears before she can reach him.

It’s not only the strange sightings of Owen, and what she can only describe as ghostly visions, that are playing on Alice’s mind; there’s also the crying at night that sounds like a baby, but she is unable to work out where the sound is coming from. Then Richard unearths a shocking find in the barn.

With the help of her new friend, Margaret, Alice researches the history of the cottage, attempting to unravel the mysteries of the confusion surrounding her. Well depicted characters drive the story, I particularly liked Alice and the way she took a portion of the blame for her husband’s infidelity, though if she did contribute to the break up, it was still no excuse.

Set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, The Cheesemaker’s House is a well written, steadily unfolding mystery with a poignant glimpse into a past which has a bearing on Owen, Alice and Richard. An engaging, intriguing and mysterious story, including romance with a strong paranormal thread, full of emotions ranging from despair and sadness to a dawning sense of optimism and love.

I love that the inspiration for the book came from a find in the author’s own Yorkshire home. A home that had been built at the request of the village cheesemaker in 1726.


JaneCableJane Cable writes romance with a twist and its roots firmly in the past, more often than not inspired by a tiny slice of history and a beautiful British setting. After independently publishing her award-winning debut, The Cheesemaker’s House, Jane was signed by Sapere Books. Her first two novels for them are contemporary romances looking back to World War 2; Another You inspired by a tragic D-Day exercise at Studland Bay in Dorset and Endless Skies by the brave Polish bomber crews who flew from a Lincolnshire airbase. Jane lives in Cornwall and her current series, Cornish Echoes, are dual timeline adventure romances set in the great houses of the Poldark era and today. She also writes as Eva Glyn.

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