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I’m pleased to share an extract from For My Sins: Book 3 of The David Trilogy by S C Cunningham for the blog tour organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.

For My Siins

FOR MY SINS by S C Cunningham

Lord Bates MP is well respected gentry, adored in the public eye. But folk have no idea that he’s a lousy father, an ex con, and the boss of an international trafficking ring.

CAUTION Adult language.

Backstage at the Chelsea Arena

Knute Bates strutted the maze of corridors, his beady eyes tracking signs to the dressing rooms, as he pushed bustling crew, dancers, and musicians out of his way.

He was shadowed by two smartly dressed, suited, and booted hench-men, trying to look like business associates, but failing miserably.

‘Sir, sir. You can’t come back here,’ a clip-board hugging, head-phoned, producer charged towards him.

The show was over, the stage was being dismantled. Busy roadies darted around the four men, pushing heavy boxed equipment, and securing cables, packing up ready for the final show of their tour.

The evening had been a great success, elated yet tired dancers, backing singers, and musicians patted each other on the back as they made their way home.

‘Sir, sir!’ shouted the annoyed producer, running backwards, struggling to remain in front of the men. ‘This is a private area,’

‘Shut the fuck up, I am here to see my daughter, your boss!’

‘But she left strict instructions not to be disturbed,’ stuttered the producer, nervously eyeing the bulging jackets of the suits, they clearly had guns. ‘She’s tired after the show.’

They arrived at Izi’s dressing room, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign dangled from the door handle. Knute banged loudly on the cheap chipboard.

‘Isadora, this is your father, open up, I want to congratulate you on a splendid show,’ he bellowed.

No answer.

Knute rocked from one foot to the other, his suits looked down in silence, Lord Bates was not a man to be kept waiting.

‘Isadora!’ he bellowed.


‘She doesn’t want to be disturbed sir,’ repeated the producer. ‘Look, my name is Kyle, I work with Izi, Isadora. I’ll tell her you called and…’

‘Fuck off,’ barked Knute, he tried the door handle, it was locked.


He stepped back, kicked the flimsy door open, and barged into the room.

‘Why the hell don’t you….’

Knute fell back against the doorframe, turning away in disgust.

‘For fucks sake Isadora, what the hell do you think you are doing?’


For My Sins 1 pb (2)An addictive mix of ‘Lock Stock’, ‘RocknRolla’, ‘Killing Eve’, and ‘Line of Duty’.  

Knowing his days are numbered, a seasoned criminal finds his life calling, to expose and cull the sordid underbelly of the world’s elite. Delicious, charming, cunning, avenging, David Howard escapes prison and agrees to an MI6 deal, to close down a high-profile trafficking ring in exchange for his freedom – setting a thief to catch a thief. 

With a target on his back, he’s helped by a rogue police unit, working behind the scenes to right cases that fall through the courts’ fingers. In an unlikely coupling, they share a goal… and will risk everything to attain it. 

A page-turning, cheeky, thought-provoking, at times laugh-out-loud, contemporary psycho-thriller, that comes with a warning. 

Adult language, sex, violence, triggers. 

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For My Sins Author S C Cunningham Thrillers & Children's Picture BooksHaving worked in the worlds of sport, music, celebrity management, and law enforcement (CID Crime Investigator, Major Crime Team Intel Analyst, Wanted & Absconder Unit), Cunningham creates psychological thrillers with a skilled mix of fuelled tension, dark humor, and pulsating passion, offering a fresh level of sincerity and authority, rare in fiction.

The Penance List
Unfinished Business
For My Sins

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