#SundayStills Monthly Colour Challenge ~ Lighter Shades of Pale #Nature #Photography

Welcome to the Sunday Stills Monthly Colour Challenge hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt


The prompt this month is white and pastels.

Pastel painted skies

A digitised image of a frosty scene.

I don’t know what the plant on the left is, it was taken while I was out and about somewhere, on the right is a pretty pink hebe flower.

I’m not sure if this is one cottage or two, situated in a pretty Cheshire village.

A gorgeous hydrangea and a macro shot of a phalaenopsis

This wooden, nine-legged lighthouse is a well known landmark in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. It was built in 1832 and is now a Grade II Heritage listed structure. The lights were inactive between 1969-93 but were reestablished at the year end of 1993 and are still in use. 

From my front window during the winter, and a magnolia bud just opening.

And lastly another digitised image, this time the lovely town of Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire.

23 thoughts on “#SundayStills Monthly Colour Challenge ~ Lighter Shades of Pale #Nature #Photography

    1. Thanks, Terri. I think that lighthouse must be a one-off!
      I really thought spring had arrived, yesterday was beautiful, wall to wall sunshine…today is cold, grey and drizzly. No accounting for weather!

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  1. Yes! my magnolias are in full bloom right now. so pretty but I have them all wrapped up to protect from the deer who have tried to destroy the little bush (supposed to be a tree) more than once. Also, looking at the lighthouse–not sure it could stand up to a fierce storm(?).

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    1. My magnolia is still qite small but no deer so it should be safe 😉 The lighthouse is on the coast of the Bristol Channel (between Wales and England) so it probably misses the worst of the storms.


  2. As always, lovely work, Cathy! Every single shot is gorgeous and interesting, but my favorite is the lighthouse on legs! I’ve never seen anything quite like that. Thanks so much for sharing, and hope the rest of your week is wonderful! 😊❤️

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