Reviews by Author


Elizabeth Adler ~ Please Don’t Tell

David Ahern ~ Madame Tulip

Anne Allen ~ Guernsey Retreat, The Family Divided

Rachel Amphlett ~ Will to Live,  Scared to Death,

Laurie Halse Anderson ~ The Impossible Knife of Memory

Ilona Andrews ~ Magic Bites

Nick Antosca ~ Midnight Picnic

Glynis Astie ~ French Twist, French Toast, French Fry, Gamer Girl


Ayelen Barrios ~ The Donahues

Judith Barrow ~ Pattern of Shadows, Changing Patterns, Living In The Shadows

Mark Barry ~ Carla, Hollywood Shakedown, Once Upon a time in the City of Criminals, A Shiny Coin for Carol Prentice

Jo Bartlett ~ A Holly Bay Christmas

Brett Battles  ~ Project Eden Series, Down ~ Project Eden #7, Mine

Jill Bisker ~ Finding The Way Back

Russell Blake ~ Black, Black is Back, The Jet Series, Black is the New Black, Black To Reality

Sharon Bolton ~ Daisy in Chains

Damien Boyd ~ As The Crow Flies

Theresa Braun ~ Dead Over Heels

Sarah Brentyn ~ Hinting at Shadows

Su Bristow ~ Sealskin

Joe Broadmeadow ~ Silenced Justice

Amber Brock ~ A Fine Imitation

Suzanne Brockmann ~ Infamous

Gill Bryant ~ Love Under French Skies

Robert Bryndza ~ The Girl in the Ice, Dark Water, Last Breath

John Buchan ~ The Thirty Nine Steps

Jo Bunt ~ Daughter of the Winds

Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ A Princess of Mars


Jen Campbell ~ The Bookshop Book

Sean Campbell/Daniel Campbell ~ Cleaver Square

Dennis Cardiff ~ Gotta Find A Home

Christine Carbo ~ The Wild Inside, Mortal Fall

James Carol ~ Broken Dolls

Michael Phillip Cash ~ The After House

Ray Celestin ~ The Axeman’s Jazz, Dead Man’s Blues

Megan Chance ~ The Visitant

Sean Chercover ~ The Trinity Game, Big City, Bad Blood, The Devil’s Game

RM Clark ~ Center Point

Ann Cleeves ~ Dead Water, Thin Air

Sue Coletta ~ Marred

Nicholas Conley ~ Clay Tongue

Phil Conquest ~ Inkker Hauser ~ Part 1: Rum Hijack, Inkker Hauser ~ Part 2: Literastein

C.G. Coppola ~ Escape from Harrizel

Marsha Cornelius ~ Losing It All

Sarah M Cradit ~   The House of Crimson and Clover SeriesThe House of Crimson and Clover LagniappesShame ~ The story of Jonathan St Andrews, Fire and Ice: Remy and Fleur Fontenot, Empire of Shadows, Dark Blessing, Myths of Midwinter, The Last Dryad

Robert Crais ~ Suspect, The Sentry, Taken, The Promise

Annalisa Crawford ~ Our Beautiful Child, You. I. Us.

Bette Lee Crosby ~ Previously Loved Treasures, Spare Change, Blueberry Hill, Jubilee’s Journey, Passing Through Perfect, Memory House #1, The Loft ~ Memory House #2, What the Heart Remembers ~ Memory House #3, Esther’s Gift, Baby Girl, The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd, Silver Threads, Wishing for Wonderful, Beyond the Carousel

Paul Cross ~ A Counterfeit Priest

Blake Crouch ~ Dark Matter, Abandon, Good Behaviour

Melissa de la Cruz ~ Vampires of Manhattan (New Blue Bloods Coven #1)

Catherine Curzon ~ The Mistress of Blackstairs


Gina Damico ~ HellHole

Sandra Danby ~ Ignoring Gravity

Edwin Dasso ~ Past Aghast

Robert Daws ~ The Rock

Honor A Dawson ~ Drowned Murmurs

Nicholas Denmon ~ For Nothing,   Buffalo Soldiers

Tess Diamond ~ Dangerous GamesGame of Lies, End Game

Philip Donlay ~ Zero Separation

Kerry J Donovan ~ On Lucky Shores, DCI Jones Casebook – Sean Freeman, DCI Jones Casebook: Ellis Flynn, DCI Jones Casebook: Cryer’s View

L Donsky-Levine ~ The Bad Girl

D.G. Driver ~ Cry of the Sea, Passing Notes

Jessica Duchen ~ Ghost Variations


Mark Edwards ~ Follow You Home 

Kendra Elliot ~ Vanished, Bridged

Jennie Ensor ~ Blind Side

Frances Evesham ~ Murder at the BridgeMurder At The Lighthouse , Murder on the Levels, Murder on the Tor, Murder at the Cathedral


Elizabeth Fama ~ Plus One

Diana J Febry ~ Who Killed Vivien Morse?, The Skeletons of Birkbury, Point of No Return

Liz Fenwick ~ The Cornish House

Ben Fergusson ~ The Spring of Kasper Meier

Helen Fields ~ Perfect Remains

Anne Fine ~ Battle of Wills

G M Ford ~ Chump Change (Leo Waterman #8)

Darcy Fray ~ The Officially Unofficial Files of Dr Gordon B Gray

Andrew Xia Fukuda ~ Crossing

Claire Fullerton ~ Dancing To An Irish Reel, A Portal in Time


Seumas Gallacher ~ The Violin Man’s Legacy

Rosemary Gallagher ~ I Listened to My Heart, Maktub: It is Written

Meg Gardiner ~ The Dirty Secrets Club

Eric J Gates ~ Outsourced

Dan Gemeinhart ~ Scar Island

Tess Gerritsen ~ Playing With Fire, The Surgeon

Ann Gimpel ~ Shadows in Time

C.W. Gortner ~ The Vatican Princess

Celina Grace ~ Joy

David Graham ~ Incitement

Heather Graham ~ The Cursed, The Hexed, The Betrayed, Haunted Destiny, The Rising (with Jon Land)

Francis Guenette ~ Disappearing In Plain Sight, The Light Never Lies, Chasing Down The Night, Maelstrom

Jeff Gunhus ~ Killer Within


Elizabeth Hall ~ In The Blue Hour

Linn B Halton ~ Falling: Angels Among Us (The Complete series), Under The Stars, A Cottage in the Country, Quintessentially Yours, A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love

Gillian Hamer ~ Crimson Shore, Closure

Alan Hamilton ~ Stalemate

Stuart Handley ~ TanDrex, BioKill

Kristin Hannah ~ Winter Garden

Mark Hardie ~ Burned and Broken

Katy Haye ~ The Last Gatekeeper

Joan De La Haye ~ Fury

Kevin Hearne ~ The Iron Druid Chronicles 1-3,   The Iron Druid Chronicles 4-6, Shattered, IDC#7, The Purloined Poodle

Carol Hedges ~ Diamonds and Dust, Honour & Obey, Death & Dominion, The Final Virus, Murder & Mayhem

Joe Hefferon ~ The Last Meridian

Darcia Helle ~ Eli’s Coming

Sue Hewitt ~ The Cunning Woman’s Cup

Sarah Hilary ~ Someone Else’s Skin

Tami Hoag ~ Cold Cold Heart

Linda Huber ~ The Cold Cold Sea, Ward Zero: the dead ward, Baby Dear

S A Hunt ~ The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree


Matthew Iden ~ The Kindness of Neighbors, A Reason To Live, The Winter Over

Ali Isaac ~ Conor Kelly and the Four Treasures of Eirean (The Tir na Nog Trilogy #1)

Jane Isaac ~ Before It’s Too Late

Eowyn Ivey ~ The Snow Child


Lisa Jackson ~ Tell Me

Aden James ~ An Acre of Fools

Caroline James ~ Jungle Rock

Simon Janus ~ Road Rash

Earl Javorsky ~ Trust Me

Margaret K Johnson ~ Taming Tom Jones


Jerry Kaczmarowski ~ Sapient

Richard Kadrey ~ The Sandman Slim Series (1-3.5),  The Sandman Slim Series (4- ), Dead Set, The Perdition Score

Michael Kardos ~ Before He Finds Her

Andrew E Kaufman ~ The Lion, The Lamb and The Hunted , Darkness and Shadows, While The Savage Sleeps

June Kearns ~ An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy, The 20’s Girl, The Ghost and All That Jazz

Glenn Kleier ~ The Last Day,   The Knowledge of Good and Evil

Dean Koontz ~ Innocence, Oddkins

Jon Krakauer ~ Into The Wild

T S Krupa ~ Safe and Sound, On The Edge, The Ten Year Reunion


Monica La Porta ~ The Lost Centurion

Lizzie Lamb ~ Girl in the Castle, Boot Camp Bride, Tall, Dark and Kilted, Scotch on the Rocks,

Jon Land ~ The Rising (with Heather Graham)

Maya Lang ~ The Sixteenth of June

John Lansing ~ The Devil’s Necktie, Blond Cargo, The Test, Dead Is Dead

William Lashner ~ The Barkeep

Gemma Lawrence ~ La Petite Boulain, The Lady Anne

Robert Leigh ~ Any Man Joe ~ The Retribution Trilogy #3

Chrissy Lessey ~ The Coven

H.A. Leuschel ~ Manipulated Lives

Paul Levine ~ State vs LassiterBum Luck

N N Light ~ Princess of the Light

E.L. Lindley~ Dare to Lose, Business As Usual (Georgie Connolly #1), The Ties That Bind (Georgie Connolly#2) The Righteous Path (Georgie Connolly #3) False Allegiance (Georgie Connolly #4, Blood Money (Georgie Connolly #5) 

Jenny Lloyd ~ Leap The Wild Water, The Calling of the Raven, Anywhere The Wind Blows

Karen Long ~ The Safe Word

Caterina Longtail ~ Little Kitty: The Cat Burglar

Dave Lowry ~ Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves


Greer Macallister ~ The Magician’s Lie

Robert Marasco ~ Burnt Offerings

Rachel A Marks ~ Darkness Brutal

Mike Martin ~ The Walker on the Cape (Sgt Windflower #1), The Body on the T (Sgt Windflower #2)

Susan McBride ~ To Helen Back ~ River Road #1

Roy McCarthy ~ A West Cork Mystery

May McGoldrick ~ Much Ado About Highlanders, Taming the Highlander, Tempest in the Highlands

Marcia Meara ~ Swamp Ghosts, Finding Hunter, Wake-Robin Ridge, A Boy Named Rabbit, Harbinger

Scott Meyer ~ Off To Be The Wizard, Spell or High Water

Randy Mixter ~ The Road to Yesterday, Swan Loch, Red Moon/Sorcerer, Summer’s Passing, The Rocking Chair Lady, Morning Star

Sue Moorcroft ~ The Christmas Promise

Shaun Morey ~ Atticus Fish Series

Dylan J Morgan ~ The Dead Lands, The Sickness, October Rain, Flesh, The Dead City

Faith Mortimer ~ Paradise Prison

Katrina Mountfort ~ Future Perfect

Warren Murphy/Richard Sapir ~ Created, The Destroyer #1

E C Myers ~ Fair Coin/Quantum Coin


Patrick Ness ~ More Than This

Jan Newton ~ Remember No More


Carol O’Connell ~ Crime School (Mallory#6)

Deborah O’Connor ~ My Husband’s Son

Katy O’Dowd ~ Memento Mori


Chris Patchell ~ Deadly Lies

Melissa Pearl ~ I Know Lucy

Mary E Pearson ~ Morrighan

Liza Perrat ~ Spirit of Lost Angels, The Silent Kookaburra

Richard Phillips ~ The Rho Agenda Series, Once Dead ~ Jack Gregory#1, Dead Wrong ~ Jack Gregory #2, Dead Shift ~ Jack Gregory #3, The Kasari Nexus, The Altreian Enigma

Shelley R Pickens ~ The Haunting Of Secrets

Gary Ponzo ~ A Touch of Deceit/A Touch of Revenge

Jay Posey ~ Three ~ Legends of the Duskwalker #1, Morningside Fall ~ Legends of the Duskwalker #2

Menna van Praag ~ The House at the End of Hope Street

Eric Praschan ~ Blind Evil, The Burden of Silence

John Privilege ~ The Turning of the World, The American Policeman



J R Rain ~ Silent Echo,   The Body DepartedElvis Has Not Left The Building

Carl Rackman ~ VoyagerIrex

Bill Rancic/Barbara Keel ~ First Light

James Raven ~ Dying Wish

Iain Reading ~ Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold #1, Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost#2, Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue #3, Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic #4, Kitty Hawk and the Mystery of the Masterpieces, The Dragon of the Month Club #1

Ruth Reichl ~ Delicious

Taylor Jenkins Reid ~ Maybe In Another Life

Karen Robards ~ Hunted

JD Robb ~ Devoted in Death (#41)

Nora Roberts ~ Come SundownThe Witness,  The Collector, The MacKade brothers ~ Rafe and JaredThe Mackade Brothers ~ Devin and Shane, Time Was, Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy, Times Change

Terry Roberts ~ That Bright Land

Georgia Rose ~ A Single Step (The Grayson Trilogy #1) Before The Dawn ( The Grayson trilogy #2) Thicker Than Water (The Grayson Trilogy #3), The Joker

LJ Ross ~ Holy Island, Sycamore Gap, Heavenfield, Angel, High Force

Alan Russell ~ St Nick,   Shame,   Multiple Wounds

Jan Ruth ~ Midnight Sky, Home For Christmas, White Horizon, Silver Rain, Palomino Sky, The Wild Water Series, Strawberry Sky

Alex Ryan ~ Beijing Red


Zoe Saadia ~ Two Rivers: The Great Peacemaker #1, Across The Great Sparkling Water: The Great Peacemaker #2, The Great Law of Peace: The Peacemaker #3, The Peacekeeper: The Peacemaker #4, At Road’s End ~ Pre Aztec #0.5, The Young Jaguar ~ Pre Aztec #1, The Jaguar Warrior/The Warrior’s Way ~ Pre Aztec #2/#3, The Highlander ~ Rise of the Aztecs #1, Crossing Worlds, The Emperor’s Second Wife, Currents of War

Marcus Sakey ~ Brilliance, A Better World, Written In Fire

Brandon Sanderson ~ Steelheart, Firefight, Calamity

John Saul ~ Hellfire

Stan Schatt ~ Silent Partner, A Bullet for the Ghost Whisperer, Hello Again

Lisa Schroeder ~ All We Have Is Now

Lisa Scottoline ~ Most Wanted

L J Sellers ~ Crimes of MemoryThe Trigger, The Target, Deadly Bonds, Wrongful Death

JL Simpson ~ Lost Cause, Lost and Found

Rob Sinclair ~ Dance With The Enemy, Rise Of The Enemy, Hunt for the Enemy, Dark Fragments, The Red Cobra

Margaret Skea ~ Turn of the Tide

Alexandra Sokoloff ~ Huntress Moon, Blood Moon, Cold Moon, Bitter Moon

Joseph Souza ~ Need To Find You

Bev Spicer ~ Angels – A Short Story, My Grandfather’s Eyes, The Undertaker’s Son, What I Did Not Say

David Stahler Jr ~ The Truesight Trilogy

Carmen Stefanescu ~ Til Life Do Us Part

Harriet Steel ~ Trouble in Nuala

Anne Steinberg ~ Manroot

Viveca Sten ~ Still Waters

Shani Struthers ~ The Haunting of Highdown Hall

Sarah Sullivan ~ All That’s Missing

Harper Swan ~ Raven’s Choice (The Replacement Chronicles #1), The Replacement Chronicles Omnibus


Barb Taub ~  Don’t Touch  Do Not Wash Hands in Plates

Barb & Hannah Taub ~ One Way Fare

Rebecca Thornton ~ The Exclusives

Joel Toombs ~ The Running Boy

NK Traver ~ Duplicity

Rewan Tremethick ~ Fallen On Good Times (Pilgrim’s Wane#1)

Terry Tyler ~ Round and Round, What it Takes, The Other Side, Kings and Queens, Last Child, Dream On, Full CircleThe House of York, Best Seller, The Devil You Know,


Lisa Unger ~ The Red Hunter


Adrienne Vaughan ~ Secrets of the HeartA Change of HeartFur Coat & No KnickersThe Hollow Heart


Boo Walker ~ Lowcountry Punch, Off You Go

Darren Wearmouth/Colin F Barnes ~ Critical Dawn

Andy Weir ~ The Martian

Nicky Wells ~ Spirits of Christmas, Fairytale in New York, 7 Years Bad Sex

Alys West ~ Beltane, The Dirigible King’s Daughter

Geoffrey D West ~ The Jack Lockwood Diaries, Rock’n’Roll Suicide

Marcia Willett ~ A Week In Winter

Alison Williams ~ The Black Hours

Julia Williams ~ Make A Christmas Wish

ND Wilson ~ Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle

Shelley Wilson ~ Guardians of the Dead

Allison Winn Scotch ~ In Twenty Years

Justine Winter ~ Nature’s Destiny #1, Sapphire’s Divinity, Guardians Dynasty, Alpha Wanted

Simon Wood ~ TerminatedNo Show, The One That Got Away



Pamela Samuels Young ~ Buying Time, Anybody’s Daughter, Unlawful Greed

Suzanne Young ~ Hotel Ruby


Allen Zadoff ~ Since You left Me, My Life, The Theatre and Other Tragedies, I Am The Weapon

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