Reviews by Author


Elizabeth Adler ~ Please Don’t Tell

David Ahern ~ Madame Tulip, Madam Tulip and the Bones of Chance, Madam Tulip and the Serpent’s Tree,  

Jennifer S Alderson ~ Death on the DanubeDeath by Windmill,  

Karen Aldous ~ Five Ladies Go Skiing,  

Anne Allen ~ Guernsey Retreat, The Family Divided, The Betrayal, Echoes of TimeThe Inheritance, Her Previous Self

Susan Allott ~ The Silence

Rachel Amphlett ~ Will to Live,  Scared to Death, Assassins Hunted, Assassins Vengeance, Assassins Retribution, None The Wiser

Laurie Halse Anderson ~ The Impossible Knife of Memory

Ilona Andrews ~ Magic Bites

John Anthony ~ The Journey of Joseph Winter,  

Judith Arnopp et al ~ Historical Stories of Betrayal,

C.E. Atkins ~ A Song for Bill Robinson,  

Nick Antosca ~ Midnight Picnic

Clare Askew ~ All The Hidden Truths, Cover Your Tracks,  

Glynis Astie ~ Girls’ Night Out French Twist, French Toast, French Fry, French RoastGamer Girl


Morgen Bailey ~ The Serial Dater’s Shopping List,  

B.E. Balfinny ~ Marked,  

Linwood Barclay ~ Broken Promise,  Far From True, The Twenty Three, A Noise Downstairs, Find You First

Christie Barlow ~ Love Heart Lane, Foxglove Farm, Clover Cottage, Starcross Manor

Ayelen Barrios ~ The Donahues

Judith Barrow ~ A Hundred Tiny Threads,  Pattern of Shadows, Changing Patterns, Living In The Shadows, A Hundred Tiny Threads, The Memory,  

Jessica Barry ~ Freefall

Mark Barry ~ Carla, Hollywood Shakedown, Once Upon a time in the City of Criminals, A Shiny Coin for Carol Prentice

Jo Bartlett ~ A Holly Bay Christmas

Fiona Barton ~ The Child, The Suspect, The Widow,  

Vivian Barz ~ Forgotten Bones

Brett Battles  ~ Project Eden Series, Down ~ Project Eden #7, Mine

Louise Beech ~ Call Me Star Girl, I Am Dust, The Mountain in My Shoe, The Lion Tamer Who Lost, This is How We Are Human,  

George Bellairs ~ The Body in the Dumb River,  

Connie Berry ~ The Art of Betrayal,  

Jill Bisker ~ Finding The Way Back

Russell Blake ~ Black, Black is Back, The Jet Series, Black is the New Black, Black To Reality

Sam Blake ~ Little Bones,  

Sharon Bolton ~ Dead Woman WalkingDaisy in Chains

Sharon Booth ~ Belle, Book and Christmas Candle, My Favourite Witch, To Catch a Witch,  

Christopher Bowden ~ The Amber Maze

Rebecca Boxall ~ Christmas at the Farmhouse,  

Damien Boyd ~ As The Crow Flies

Theresa Braun ~ Dead Over Heels

Sarah Brentyn ~ Hinting at Shadows, On the Edge of a Raindrop

Su Bristow ~ Sealskin

Ray Britain ~ The Last Thread,    

Joe Broadmeadow ~ Silenced Justice

Amber Brock ~ A Fine Imitation

Suzanne Brockmann ~ Infamous

Lisette Brodey ~ Love, Look Away,  

Gill Bryant ~ Love Under French Skies

Robert Bryndza ~ The Girl in the Ice, Dark Water, Last Breath

John Buchan ~ The Thirty Nine Steps

Susan Buchanan ~ The Christmas Spirit

John Bude ~ The Cornish Coast Murder,  

Sam Bungey/Jennifer Forde ~ West Cork,  

Jo Bunt ~ Daughter of the Winds

Alison Burke ~ The Charity of Strangers,  

John Burley ~ The Quiet Child

Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ A Princess of Mars


Jane Cable ~ Another You, The Cheesemaker’s House, The Faerie Tree, Endless Skies,  

Jen Campbell ~ The Bookshop Book

Sean Campbell/Daniel Campbell ~ Cleaver Square

Dennis Cardiff ~ Gotta Find A Home

Christine Carbo ~ The Wild Inside, Mortal Fall

Carol Carnac ~ Crossed Skis,   

James Carol ~ Broken Dolls

Michael Phillip Cash ~ The After House

Alice Castle ~ Death in Dulwich, The Girl in the Gallery, Calamity in Camberwell, The Body in Belair Park, The Slayings in Sydenham,  

Steve Cavanagh ~ The Defence, The Plea, Thirteen, Fifty Fifty, The Devil’s Advocate

Ray Celestin ~ The Axeman’s Jazz, Dead Man’s Blues, The Mobster’s Lament,  

Megan Chance ~ The Visitant

Sean Chercover ~ The Trinity Game, Big City, Bad Blood, The Devil’s Game

Agatha Christie ~ Mrs McGinty’s Dead, Peril at End House, The Mystery of the Spanish Chest, The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side, Dumb Witness, Cat Among the Pigeons, The Mystery of the Blue Train,  

Harvey Church ~ The Last Friend,  

RM Clark ~ Center Point

Rosie Claverton ~ Binary Witness,  

Ann Cleeves ~ Wild FireDead Water, Thin Air, Red Bones, The Glass Room, The Long Call, The Darkest Evening,  

Harlan Coben ~ Don’t Let Go, Tell No One, Run Away, The Stranger, The Boy from the Woods, Missing You,  

Lucy Coleman ~ Snowflakes Over Holly Cove, Magic Under The MistletoeA Springtime to Remember

Sue Coletta ~ Marred

Nicholas Conley ~ Clay Tongue

Phil Conquest ~ Inkker Hauser ~ Part 1: Rum Hijack, Inkker Hauser ~ Part 2: Literastein

C.G. Coppola ~ Escape from Harrizel

Marsha Cornelius ~ Losing It All

Victoria Cornwall ~ The Daughter of River Valley

Matthew Costello/Neil Richards ~ Cherringham 1-3, Cherringham 19-21, The Drowned Man, The Gentleman Vanishes, Death Trap, Dead in the Water, The Body in the Woods, Murder Under The Sun/Killing Time/Still Dead,

Sarah M Cradit ~   The House of Crimson and Clover SeriesThe House of Crimson and Clover LagniappesShame ~ The story of Jonathan St Andrews, Fire and Ice: Remy and Fleur Fontenot, Empire of Shadows, Dark Blessing, Myths of Midwinter, The Last Dryad

Robert Crais ~ A Dangerous Man, Suspect, The Sentry, Taken, The Promise

Annalisa Crawford ~ Small Forgotten Moments, Grace and Serenity, Our Beautiful Child, You. I. Us.

Lynette Creswell ~ Hoglets’ Christmas Magic,  

Bette Lee Crosby ~ The Summer of New Beginnings Previously Loved Treasures, Spare Change, Blueberry Hill, Jubilee’s Journey, Passing Through Perfect, Memory House #1, The Loft ~ Memory House #2, What the Heart Remembers ~ Memory House #3, Esther’s Gift, Baby Girl, The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd, Silver Threads, Wishing for Wonderful, Beyond the Carousel

Paul Cross ~ A Counterfeit Priest

Blake Crouch ~ Dark Matter, Abandon, Good Behaviour

Melissa de la Cruz ~ Vampires of Manhattan (New Blue Bloods Coven #1)

Catherine Curzon ~ The Mistress of Blackstairs


Gina Damico ~ HellHole

Sandra Danby ~ Ignoring Gravity, Connectedness,  

Edwin Dasso ~ Past Aghast

Raymond T Davies ~ Jimmy The House Spider

Audrey Davis ~ The Haunting of Hattie Hastings (Parts 1,2 & 3)   

Robert Daws ~ The Rock, The Poisoned Rock, The Killing Rock,   

Honor A Dawson ~ Drowned Murmurs

Alex Day ~ The Missing Twin   

Sandy Day ~ Birds Don’t Cry,  

Barbara Delinsky ~ Before And Again,   

Nicholas Denmon ~ For Nothing,   Buffalo Soldiers

Tess Diamond ~ Dangerous GamesGame of Lies, End Game

Philip Donlay ~ Zero Separation

Kerry J Donovan ~ On Lucky Shores, DCI Jones Casebook – Sean Freeman, DCI Jones Casebook: Ellis Flynn, DCI Jones Casebook: Cryer’s View, Ryan Kaine: On The Run, Ryan Kaine: On The Rocks

L Donsky-Levine ~ The Bad Girl

D.G. Driver ~ Songwriter Night, All The Love You WriteLost on the WaterThe Royal Deal,   Cry of the Sea, Passing Notes

Jessica Duchen ~ Ghost Variations

Kiley Dunbar ~ Christmas at Frozen Falls, One Winter’s Night, Matchmaking at Port Willow, The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday, Summer at the Highland Coral Beach,  

Michelle Dunne ~ While Nobody is Watching,  


Jan Edwards ~ In Her Defence, Listed Dead,  

Mark Edwards ~ Follow You Home 

S.W. Ellenwood ~ The Janitor and the Spy,  

Kendra Elliot ~ Vanished, Bridged, A Merciful Death, A Merciful Truth, A Merciful Secret, A Merciful Silence, A Merciful Fate, A Merciful Promise, The Last Sister,  

Joy Ellis ~ Jackman and Evans series 2-4, Jackman and Evans series 5-6,  

Margaret Elphinstone et al ~ Writedown: Lockdown in the Galloway Glens at the Time of Covid

Rachael English ~ The Paper Bracelet,  

Jennie Ensor ~ The Girl in His EyesBlind Side

Frances Evesham ~ Murder at the BridgeMurder At The Lighthouse , Murder on the Levels, Murder on the Tor, Murder at the Cathedral


Elizabeth Fama ~ Plus One

Diana J Febry ~ Who Killed Vivien Morse?, The Skeletons of Birkbury, Point of No Return, Twisted Truth, The Paperboy, Trouble at Clenchers Mill,   

L.S. Fellows ~ Magic O’Clock, Magical Memories,  

Liz Fenwick ~ The Cornish House

Ben Fergusson ~ The Spring of Kasper Meier

Helen Fields ~ Perfect Remains, Perfect Death, The Shadow Man,  

Anne Fine ~ Battle of Wills

Kelly Florentia ~ No Way Back,  

Lucy Foley ~ The Hunting Party

G M Ford ~ Chump Change (Leo Waterman #8)  Family Values, Heavy on the Dead,  

Darcy Fray ~ The Officially Unofficial Files of Dr Gordon B Gray

Kathryn Freeman ~ The Beach Reads Book Club,  

Tana French ~ The Searcher,  

Andrew Xia Fukuda ~ Crossing

Claire Fullerton ~ Dancing To An Irish Reel, A Portal in Time, Mourning Dove, Little Tea,  


Gwyn GB ~ Lonely Hearts, Preacher Boy,  

Seumas Gallacher ~ The Violin Man’s Legacy

Rosemary Gallagher ~ I Listened to My Heart, Maktub: It is Written

Meg Gardiner ~ UNSUB,  The Dirty Secrets Club

Lisa Gardner ~ Look For Me (DD Warren) When You See Me (DD Warren)    

Reily Garrett ~ A Critical Tangent, Pivotal Decisions,  

Eric J Gates ~ Outsourced

A.L. Gaylin ~ Never Look Back,  

Hazel Gaynor ~ The Lighthouse Keeper’s DaughterThe Girl Who Came Home, The Cottingley Secret, The Bird in the Bamboo Cage, Meet Me in Monaco (with Heather Webb)   

Dan Gemeinhart ~ Scar Island

Tess Gerritsen ~ Playing With Fire, The Surgeon

Ann Gimpel ~ Shadows in Time

Penny Goetjen ~ Murder Beyond the Precipice

C.W. Gortner ~ The Vatican Princess

Celina Grace ~ Joy

Caroline Graham ~ The Killings at Badger’s Drift,  

David Graham ~ Incitement

Heather Graham ~ The Cursed, The Hexed, The Betrayed, Haunted Destiny, The Rising (with Jon Land)

Elly Griffiths ~ The Chalk Pit, The Dark Angel, The Lantern Men, The Postscript Murders, The Night Hawks,  

Bryan Gruley ~ Bleak Harbor,   

Paul Grzegorzek ~ Closer Than Blood,  

Francis Guenette ~ Disappearing In Plain Sight, The Light Never Lies, Chasing Down The Night, Maelstrom

Brenda Guiton ~ Suspicion,  

Jeff Gunhus ~ Killer Within

Henriette Gyland ~ A Lion Is Not Just For Christmas,  


D.E. Haggerty ~ Self-Serve Murder, Finders, Not Keepers, Picture Not Perfect, Hide Not Seek, Christmas Cupcakes & A Caper,   

Elizabeth Hall ~ In The Blue Hour

Linn B Halton ~ The Secrets of Villa RossoFalling: Angels Among Us (The Complete series), Under The Stars, A Cottage in the Country, Quintessentially Yours, A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love, Christmas at Bay Tree Cottage, A Greek Affair,  

Gillian Hamer ~ False LightsCrimson Shore, Closure

Alan Hamilton ~ Stalemate

Stuart Handley ~ TanDrex, BioKill

Kristin Hannah ~ The Great Alone,  Winter Garden

Mark Hardie ~ Burned and Broken

Jane Harper ~ The Dry, Force of Nature,  The Lost Man, The Survivors,  

C.G. Harris ~ The Nine,   

Emily Harvale ~ Christmas at Wynter House, New Beginnings at Wynter House, Chasing Moonbeams in Merriment Bay, A Wedding at Wynter House,  

LV Hay ~ The Lynmouth Stories,  

Katy Haye ~ The Last Gatekeeper

Joan De La Haye ~ Fury

Kevin Hearne ~ The Iron Druid Chronicles 1-3,   The Iron Druid Chronicles 4-6, Shattered, IDC#7, The Purloined Poodle

Emma Heatherington ~ A Miracle on Hope Street, Rewrite The Stars,  

Carol Hedges ~ Diamonds and Dust, Honour & Obey, Death & Dominion, The Final Virus, Murder & Mayhem, Wonders & Wickedness, Fear & Phantoms, Intrigue & Infamy, Fame & Fortune, Desire & Deceit,  

Joe Hefferon ~ The Last Meridian

Darcia Helle ~ Eli’s Coming

Sue Hewitt ~ The Cunning Woman’s Cup

Sarah Hilary ~ Someone Else’s Skin,  No Other Darkness, Quieter Than Killing  Come and Find Me, Never Be Broken,  

Jennifer Hillier ~ Jar of Hearts,  

Reece Hirsch ~ Black Nowhere

Tami Hoag ~ Cold Cold Heart

Anthony Horowitz ~ The Word Is Murder,  

Julie Houston ~ A Village Affair

Linda Huber ~ The Cold Cold Sea, Ward Zero: the dead ward, Baby Dear

S A Hunt ~ The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree

Martha Hunt Handler ~ Winter of the Wolf,  


Matthew Iden ~ Birthday Girl, The Kindness of Neighbors, A Reason To Live, The Winter Over

Ali Isaac ~ Conor Kelly and the Four Treasures of Eirean (The Tir na Nog Trilogy #1)

Jane Isaac ~ Beneath the Ashes,  Before It’s Too Late, The Lies Within, After He’s Gone, Presumed Guilty

Eowyn Ivey ~ The Snow Child


Lisa Jackson ~ Tell Me

Aden James ~ An Acre of Fools

Caroline James ~ Jungle Rock, The Best Boomerville Hotel, Hattie Goes To Hollywood, Boomerville at Ballymegille

Susanne Jansson ~ The Forbidden Place,  

Simon Janus ~ Road Rash

Earl Javorsky ~ Trust Me

Natalie Jenner ~ The Jane Austen Society

Katherine Johnson ~ The Better Son,   

Margaret K Johnson ~ Taming Tom Jones, Perfect Responses

Brent Jones ~ Fender

Rob Jones ~ The Fifth Grave,   


Jerry Kaczmarowski ~ Sapient

Richard Kadrey ~ The Sandman Slim Series (1-3.5),  The Sandman Slim Series (4- ), Dead Set, The Perdition Score

Michael Kardos ~ Before He Finds Her

Andrew E Kaufman ~ The Lion, The Lamb and The Hunted , Darkness and Shadows, While The Savage Sleeps

June Kearns ~ An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy, The 20’s Girl, The Ghost and All That Jazz

Cathy Kelly ~ The Year That Changed Everything,  

Caroline Kepnes ~ Providence,  

Dan Klefstad ~ Fiona’s Guardians,  

Glenn Kleier ~ The Last Day,   The Knowledge of Good and Evil

Dean Koontz ~ NamelessInnocence, Oddkins

Jon Krakauer ~ Into The Wild

T S Krupa ~ Safe and Sound, On The Edge, The Ten Year Reunion


Louis L’Amour ~ The Man from the Broken Hills,  

Monica La Porta ~ The Lost Centurion

Charlie Laidlaw ~ The Things We Learn When We’re Dead, The Space Between Time, Love Potions and Other Calamities, Being Alert!, Everyday Magic,  

Lizzie Lamb ~ Harper’s Highland Fling, Take Me, I’m Yours,  Girl in the Castle, Boot Camp Bride, Tall, Dark and Kilted, Scotch on the Rocks,

Jon Land ~ The Rising (with Heather Graham)

Maya Lang ~ The Sixteenth of June

John Lansing ~ The Devil’s Necktie, Blond Cargo, The Test, Dead Is Dead, The Fourth Gunman,  

William Lashner ~ The Barkeep

Gemma Lawrence ~ La Petite Boulain, The Lady Anne

Robert Leigh ~ Any Man Joe ~ The Retribution Trilogy #3

Chrissy Lessey ~ The Coven

H.A. Leuschel ~ Manipulated Lives, My Sweet Friend, The Memories We Bury,  

Paul Levine ~ State vs LassiterBum Luck, Bum Deal

Beth Lewis ~ Bitter Sun,   

Susan Lewis ~ Believe In Me,  

Gregory P Liefer ~ The Last Flight  

N N Light ~ Princess of the Light

E.L. Lindley~ Dare to Lose, Business As Usual (Georgie Connolly #1), The Ties That Bind (Georgie Connolly#2) The Righteous Path (Georgie Connolly #3) False Allegiance (Georgie Connolly #4, Blood Money (Georgie Connolly #5) 

Nanette Littlestone ~ Bella Toscana,  

Jenny Lloyd ~ Leap The Wild Water, The Calling of the Raven, Anywhere The Wind Blows

Karen Long ~ The Safe Word

Caterina Longtail ~ Little Kitty: The Cat Burglar

E.C.R. Lorac ~ Fire in The Thatch,  

Jane Lovering ~ Living In The Past, The Little Teashop of Horrors,  

Dave Lowry ~ Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves


Stuart MacBride ~ Cold Granite,  

Greer Macallister ~ The Arctic Fury, The Magician’s Lie

Dee MacDonald ~ The Runaway Wife, The Getaway Girls,   

Robert Marasco ~ Burnt Offerings

Rich Marcello ~ The Beauty of the FallThe Latecomers

Rachel A Marks ~ Darkness Brutal

Mike Martin ~ The Walker on the Cape (Sgt Windflower #1), The Body on the T (Sgt Windflower #2), Darkest Before The Dawn, A Perfect Storm, Safe Harbour,  

Amanda Mason ~ The Wayward Girls,  

Norman Matheson ~ Speyside Memories, A Speyside Odyssey

Mimi Matthews ~ Fair as a Star, The Lost Letter, A Holiday by Gaslight, Gentleman Jim, John Eyre,   

Peter May ~ The Black House, The Lewis Man, The Chess Men, Entry Island, Runaway, The Man With No Face, A Silent Death,  

Susan McBride ~ To Helen Back ~ River Road #1

Roy McCarthy ~ A West Cork Mystery

Val McDermid ~ The Distant Echo,  

Marjory McGinn ~ Things Can Only Get Feta,  

May McGoldrick ~ Much Ado About Highlanders, Taming the Highlander, Tempest in the Highlands

Dervla McTiernan ~ The Ruin, The Scholar, The Good Turn,  

Marcia Meara ~ Swamp Ghosts, Finding Hunter, Wake-Robin Ridge, A Boy Named Rabbit, Harbinger, That Darkest Place, The Emissary, The Emissary 2: To Love Somebody, The Light, The Emissary 3: Love Hurts,  

Karen McManus ~ One of Us is Lying,  

Scott Meyer ~ Off To Be The Wizard, Spell or High Water

Simon Michael ~ The Lighterman

Catherine Miller ~ Christmas at the Gin Shack,  

Sarah Mitchell ~ The Lost Letters

Randy Mixter ~ The Road to Yesterday, Swan Loch, Red Moon/Sorcerer, Summer’s Passing, The Rocking Chair Lady, Morning Star

Sue Moorcroft ~ The Christmas Promise

Shaun Morey ~ Atticus Fish Series

Dylan J Morgan ~ The Dead Lands, The Sickness, October Rain, Flesh, The Dead City

Madalyn Morgan ~ Chasing Ghosts

Sarah Morgan ~ A Wedding in December,   

Faith Mortimer ~ Paradise Prison

Katrina Mountfort ~ Future Perfect, The Lost Corner, The Ghost In You,  

Owen Mullen ~ Delaney, And So It Began, Games People Play, Old Friends and New Enemies, Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, In Harm’s Way, Out of the Silence, Deadly Harm, Family,  

Denver Murphy ~ One Step Ahead

Warren Murphy/Richard Sapir ~ Created, The Destroyer #1

E C Myers ~ Fair Coin/Quantum Coin

William L Myers Jr ~ A Killer’s Alibi,  


Patrick Ness ~ More Than This

J. New ~ An Accidental Murder, The Curse of Arundel Hall, A Clerical Error, The Riviera Affair, Decked in the Hall, Death at the Duckpond, A Double Life,  

Jan Newton ~ Remember No More

Nicholas Nicastro ~ Ella Maud,  

Graham Norton ~ A Keeper


Carol O’Connell ~ Crime School (Mallory#6)

Deborah O’Connor ~ My Husband’s Son

Katy O’Dowd ~ Memento Mori

Sheila o”Flanagan ~ Her Husband’s Mistake,  

Abigail Osborne ~ The Puppet Master,  


Ambrose Parry ~ The Way Of All Flesh, The Art of Dying, A Corruption of Blood,  

Rachel K Parsonage ~ The Porter: Retribution in Lockdown,  

Chris Patchell ~ Deadly Lies

Melissa Pearl ~ I Know Lucy

Mary E Pearson ~ Morrighan

Pernille Meldgaard Pedersen ~ Him With The Beard

Janine Pendleton ~ Abandoned Pennsylvania,  

Valerie Penny ~ Hunter’s Chase  

Liza Perrat ~ Spirit of Lost Angels, The Silent Kookaburra, Wolfsangel, Blood Rose Angel, The Swooping Magpie, The Lost Blackbird,   

Richard Phillips ~ The Rho Agenda Series, Once Dead ~ Jack Gregory#1, Dead Wrong ~ Jack Gregory #2, Dead Shift ~ Jack Gregory #3, The Kasari Nexus, The Altreian Enigma

Shelley R Pickens ~ The Haunting Of Secrets

Gary Ponzo ~ A Touch of Deceit/A Touch of Revenge

Jay Posey ~ Three ~ Legends of the Duskwalker #1, Morningside Fall ~ Legends of the Duskwalker #2

Menna van Praag ~ The Patron Saint of Lost SoulsThe House at the End of Hope Street

Eric Praschan ~ Blind Evil, The Burden of Silence

John Privilege ~ The Turning of the World, The American Policeman

Amanda Prowse ~ Three-and-a-Half Heartbeats, Perfect Daughter, The Things I Know, The Girl in the Corner, The Art of Hiding, The Light in the Hallway, The Day She Came Back,  



J R Rain ~ Silent Echo, The Body DepartedElvis Has Not Left The Building

Carl Rackman ~ Sentinel, JonahIncendiaryVoyagerIrex

Bill Rancic/Barbara Keel ~ First Light

JL Raven ~ The Team,  

James Raven ~ Dying Wish

Gary Raymond ~ The Golden Orphans

Iain Reading ~ Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold #1, Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost#2, Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue #3, Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic #4, Kitty Hawk and the Mystery of the Masterpieces, The Dragon of the Month Club #1

Jessica Redland ~ The Secret To Happiness, Making Wishes at Bay View, New Beginnings at Seaside Blooms, Christmas on Castle Street/Starry Skies Over the Chocolate Pot Cafe,  

Lisa Regan ~ Vanishing Girls, The Girl With No Name, Find Her Alive,    

Ruth Reichl ~ Delicious

Taylor Jenkins Reid ~ Daisy Jones & The Six, Maybe In Another Life

Christopher Rice ~ Bone Music, Blood Echo,  

Neil Richards/Matthew Costello ~ Cherringham 1-3, Cherringham 19-21, The Drowned Man, The Gentleman Vanishes, Death Trap, Dead in the Water, The Body in the Woods,  

Tony Riches ~ Brandon ~ Tudor Knight,  

Karen Robards ~ Hunted

JD Robb ~ Devoted in Death (#41)  Echoes in Death (#44)  Connections in Death (#48)  Vendetta in Death (#49)  Naked in Death (#1)   

Nora Roberts ~ Come SundownThe Witness,  The Collector, The MacKade brothers ~ Rafe and JaredThe Mackade Brothers ~ Devin and Shane, Time Was, Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy, Times ChangeYear One, The Obsession, The Liar,  Shelter in Place, Of Blood and Bone, Under Currents, The Rise of Magicks, Hideaway,  

Terry Roberts ~ That Bright Land

Helen J Rolfe ~ Christmas Miracles at the Little Log Cabin, Coming Home to Heritage Cove,  

Georgia Rose ~ A Single Step (The Grayson Trilogy #1) Before The Dawn ( The Grayson trilogy #2) Thicker Than Water (The Grayson Trilogy #3), The Joker, Parallel Lies, Loving Vengeance,   

LJ Ross ~ Holy Island, Sycamore Gap, Heavenfield, Angel, High Force, CragsideDark Skies, Seven Bridges, The Infirmary, The Hermitage, Longstone, The Moor, Penshaw, Impostor, Ryan’s Christmas, Borderlands, Hysteria, Bedlam,  

Alan Russell ~ The Homecoming,  St Nick,   Shame,   Multiple Wounds

Jan Ruth ~ Gift HorseMidnight Sky, Home For Christmas, White Horizon, Silver Rain, Palomino Sky, The Wild Water Series, Strawberry Sky, Away For Christmas

Alex Ryan ~ Beijing Red

William Ryan ~ The Constant Soldier, A House of Ghosts,  


Zoe Saadia ~ Two Rivers: The Great Peacemaker #1, Across The Great Sparkling Water: The Great Peacemaker #2, The Great Law of Peace: The Peacemaker #3, The Peacekeeper: The Peacemaker #4, At Road’s End ~ Pre Aztec #0.5, The Young Jaguar ~ Pre Aztec #1, The Jaguar Warrior/The Warrior’s Way ~ Pre Aztec #2/#3, The Highlander ~ Rise of the Aztecs #1, Crossing Worlds, The Emperor’s Second Wife, Currents of War

Marcus Sakey ~ AfterlifeBrilliance, A Better World, Written In Fire

Brandon Sanderson ~ Steelheart, Firefight, Calamity

John Saul ~ Hellfire

Stan Schatt ~ Silent Partner, A Bullet for the Ghost Whisperer, Hello Again, Murder at the Riverbend Retirement Resort

Lisa Schroeder ~ All We Have Is Now

Lisa Scottoline ~ Most Wanted

Sofía Segovia ~ Tears of Amber,  

L J Sellers ~ Crimes of MemoryThe Trigger, The Target, Deadly Bonds, Wrongful Death

Diane Setterfield ~ Once Upon a River,  

William Shaw ~ The Birdwatcher, Salt Lane, Deadland, Grave’s End, The Trawlerman,  

JL Simpson ~ Lost Cause, Lost and Found

Rob Sinclair ~ Dance With The Enemy, Rise Of The Enemy, Hunt for the Enemy, Dark Fragments, The Red Cobra, The Black Hornet, The Silver Wolf, The Green Viper, The White Scorpion, The Essence of Evil, The Rules of Murder,   

Margaret Skea ~ Turn of the Tide, Katharina: Deliverance, A House Divided, By Sword and Storm

Karin Slaughter ~ Pieces of Her, Last Breath, The Good Daughter, The Last Widow,  

Alexandra Sokoloff ~ Huntress Moon, Blood Moon, Cold Moon, Bitter Moon, Hunger Moon, Shadow Moon,  

Joseph Souza ~ Need To Find You

Jo Spain ~ With Our Blessing, Beneath the SurfaceSleeping Beauties, The Darkest Place, The Boy Who Fell, The Confession, Dirty Little Secrets, Six Wicked Reasons, After The Fire, The Perfect Lie,  

Francis Sparks ~ Made Safe

Bev Spicer ~ Angels – A Short Story, My Grandfather’s Eyes, The Undertaker’s Son, What I Did Not Say

David Stahler Jr ~ The Truesight Trilogy

Carmen Stefanescu ~ Til Life Do Us Part

Harriet Steel ~ Trouble in Nuala, Dark Clouds Over Nuala, Offstage in Nuala, Fatal Finds in Nuala, Passage From Nuala, Rough Time in Nuala, Taken in Nuala, High Wire in Nuala, Cold Case in Nuala,  

Anne Steinberg ~ Manroot

Viveca Sten ~ Still Waters

Berni Stevens ~ One Magical Christmas,  

Shani Struthers ~ The Haunting of Highdown Hall

Sarah Sullivan ~ All That’s Missing

Courtney Summers ~ Sadie,  

Harper Swan ~ Raven’s Choice (The Replacement Chronicles #1), The Replacement Chronicles Omnibus, The Braided Stream,  

Ann Swinfen ~ Flood


Barb Taub ~ One Way Fare (Null City #1),  Don’t Touch (Null City #2),  Tales from Null City #3~Just for the Spell of It/Payback is a Witch)Do Not Wash Hands in Plates, Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies, Round Trip Fare (Null City #4), Please Don’t Ask for Extra Glasses,  

Barb & Hannah Taub ~ One Way Fare

April Taylor ~ The Angel Killer

Tilly Tennant ~ A Cosy Candlelit Christmas, The Garden on Sparrow Street,  

Rebecca Thornton ~ The Exclusives

Robert Thorogood ~ The Marlow Murder Club,  

Oliver Tidy ~ The Fallen Agent,

Joel Toombs ~ The Running Boy

J.D. Trafford ~ Little Boy Lost,

Xenia Tran ~ Sharing Our Horizon, Between Heather and Grass,  

NK Traver ~ Duplicity

Rewan Tremethick ~ Fallen On Good Times (Pilgrim’s Wane#1)

Tom Trott ~ You Can’t Make Old Friends, Choose Your Parents Wisely,  

CJ Tudor ~ The Other People, The Taking of Annie Thorne,  

Terry Tyler ~ Round and Round, What it Takes, The Other Side, Kings and Queens, Last Child, Dream On, Full CircleThe House of York, Best Seller, The Devil You Know, Tipping Point, Lindisfarne, Patient Zero, UK2, Legacy, Hope, Blackthorn, Wasteland, The Visitor, Megacity,   


Lisa Unger ~ The Red Hunter


Simon Van der Velde ~ Backstories,  

Kate Vane ~ Brand New Friend

Adrienne Vaughan ~ That Summer at the Seahorse Hotel,  Secrets of the HeartA Change of HeartFur Coat & No KnickersThe Hollow Heart


Boo Walker ~ Lowcountry Punch, Off You Go

D.A. Watson ~ Cuttin’ Heads

Abbi Waxman ~ The Garden of Small Beginnings

Darren Wearmouth/Colin F Barnes ~ Critical Dawn

Andy Weir ~ The Martian

Nicky Wells ~ Dead HopeSpirits of Christmas, Fairytale in New York, 7 Years Bad Sex

Caren J Werlinger ~ A Bittersweet Garden,   

Alys West ~ Beltane, The Dirigible King’s Daughter, Storm Witch,   

Geoffrey D West ~ The Jack Lockwood Diaries, Rock’n’Roll Suicide

EB White ~ Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte Whitney ~ Threads: A Depression Era Tale,  

Marcia Willett ~ A Week In Winter

Alison Williams ~ The Black Hours

Julia Williams ~ Make A Christmas Wish

T.A. Williams ~ Dreaming of Christmas

ND Wilson ~ Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle

Shelley Wilson ~ Guardians of the Dead

Allison Winn Scotch ~ In Twenty Years

Justine Winter ~ Nature’s Destiny #1, Sapphire’s Divinity, Guardians Dynasty, Alpha Wanted

Michael Wood ~ The Seventh Victim,  

Simon Wood ~ TerminatedNo Show, The One That Got Away



Pamela Samuels Young ~ Buying Time, Anybody’s Daughter, Unlawful Greed, Abuse of Discretion, Failure to Protect,  

Suzanne Young ~ Hotel Ruby


Allen Zadoff ~ Since You left Me, My Life, The Theatre and Other Tragedies, I Am The Weapon

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      • Hello Cathy.

        Very good. I am sure that you don’t have many ideas about Finnish literature. I you do not car, so I suggest you one classic book. Of course, we have modern, but this writer is my absolute favorite, because I love historic stories. The writer to which I refer is Mika Waltari. I was again inspired about his book Sinuhe the Egyptian, because I started recently to prepare my series of blogs, eight posts, with 358 photos presented our cruise on Nile and visiting ancient temples. Sinuhe tells about these things. It is not only historical novel, but it tells about human heart, as all the books of Zane Grey although their stories are situated in Old Wild West. I give two links here:

        Written by:

        I checked the novel can be purchased in Amazon.

        Happy upcoming weekend,

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