Signs of life in the garden at last #nature #photography

When we moved here last year there was nothing in the garden but an established cherry tree, which is now looking like it’s almost ready to blossom again. It’s too early for some of the plants but not for others…

The vibrant new leaves of the Red Robin. The one on the left is a smaller variety.

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Sunday Snaps ~ Dingle Gardens, Quarry Park #Gardens #Shrewsbury

Dingle Gardens is part of Quarry Park in Shrewsbury and was made famous by Percy Thrower.  We visited in February so not much colour around but still lovely.

The entrance to the Dingle from Quarry Park leading down into the gardens, which was originally the quarry.

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#SundayStills ~ It’s Love Your Pets Day ❤️ 🐕 #Pets #Dogs

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature, hosted by Terri Webster Shrandt.


This being Love Your Pets Day, the theme this week is…pets! 

We brought Flynn home in August last year when he was 8 weeks old. It was a good couple of hours in the car but he slept all the way and it didn’t take him long to settle in…

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#SundayStills ~ A Gem of a Colour #Photography #Amethyst

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt. This month’s colour challenge is Amethyst or Purple.


Amethyst is a variety of quartz and is said to relieve stress and anxiety, aiding tranquility, groundedness and calm, as well as other beneficial attributes.


Amethyst or purple also appears frequently in nature… notably flowers.

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#SundayStills ~ The Elements and Nature #Photography

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature hosted by Terri Webster Shrandt. This week’s theme centres on the elements.SundayStills

 Brimham Rocks, a historic site near Harrogate in Yorkshire is a collection of rock formations which have been sculpted over centuries by wind, rain and ice. The rocks tower over Brimham moor offering incredible views, and are cared for by the National Trust. It’s amazing to think that millions of years ago there was a mountain range in this area.

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