Triangulation Pillar #Photography


I noticed this the other day and it wouldn’t surprise me to realise I’m probably in the minority, not knowing what it was. I’m amazed I haven’t seen one before, maybe I have and it didn’t register, but anyway thanks to good old Google I now know it’s a triangulation pillar used originally as a surveying station for improved and accurate map making and built by the original Ordnance Surveyors. Continue reading

Having a chat with Wendy Lou Jones @WendyLou Writer #books #blogging

The lovely Wendy Lou Jones invited me over to her blog this week. You can see her post here
Hello again, and today I’d like to welcome Cathy Ryan to the spotlight. Come on in and take a pew, Cathy. Tell you what, you introduce yourself while I pop the kettle on.
Hi, my name is Cathy Ryan and we recently moved from Somerset to a beautiful part of the North Wales coast.
Oh, I love North Wales. I spent many holidays there as a child.How long have you been blogging and what is the name of your blog?
I began my blog in November 2013…
Same as me!
…private initially because I just wanted to keep a record for myself. But because I couldn’t set it out the way I wanted to without going live, I thought, what the heck, and went for it. I haven’t regretted it for an instant although I knew nothing at all about blogging to begin with. My blog is called BetweenTheLines and, as well as book reviews, it includes guest posts, interviews and photos. Amateur photography is a hobby I enjoy very much.
Me too. –  We could be twins! I love taking photographs, particularly macros of flowers and nature shots.And how do you fit all this reading into your life? (marriage/kids/job)
Our daughters are grown up and have flown the nest, we do have a grandson though, who I love to spend time with. I don’t work so basically my time is my own, and when reading isn’t an option I listen to audiobooks.
I grew up listening to audio books at night, going to sleep. I don’t know what to do with myself if I listen to them these days. Maybe when my kids are older…And what keeps you blogging?
I love sharing my love of books with like minded people and I enjoy very much the wonderful blogging community. I’ve found lots of brilliant books which I probably wouldn’t have otherwise and made many new friends.
It’s a real community, isn’t it?

What would you say was your favourite genre?
That’s a difficult question. If I had to pick one genre it would probably by Mystery/Thriller. Or is that two? 😉 But I enjoy lots of different genres including Urban Fantasy, Contemporary, Drama and Historical.

Are you an e-reader or a paperback girl?
Given the choice, the money (and the room!) I’d choose paperbacks every time. I love ‘real’ books. It’s not practical, though, so I have a mixture of both.
We do in my house. My husband fills the shelves stuffed full with paperbacks and I have my Kindle. :-/

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Technology Headaches ~ mobile #wifi

dlI’m having issues with the mobile wi-fi purchased for the purpose of filling in until the proper wi-fi was able to be connected.  The actual device seems to be at fault which, of course, is past the date for replacement. The only way I can get online is through my phone’s hotspot and that’s so slow it’s like going backwards.

The previous house owner wanted to keep his phone number which resulted in the line being blocked, so our internet provider was locked out. He’s moving into the new property on the 20th so hopefully we’ll be up and running soon after.  Continue reading