A Lovely Day in #Portmeirion #Wales #Photography #SundayBlogShare

Portmeirion was designed and built in the Italianate style by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between the 1920s and 1970s, with colourful, elaborate buildings. A charitable trust now owns the village, and it’s a tourist attraction with hotels, holiday cottages, eateries and shops. There are beautiful coastal walks and woodland gardens Portmeirion has inspired writers and TV … Continue reading A Lovely Day in #Portmeirion #Wales #Photography #SundayBlogShare

Triangulation Pillar #Photography

I noticed this the other day and it wouldn’t surprise me to realise I’m probably in the minority, not knowing what it was. I’m amazed I haven’t seen one before, maybe I have and it didn’t register, but anyway thanks to good old Google I now know it’s a triangulation pillar used originally as a … Continue reading Triangulation Pillar #Photography

Having a chat with Wendy Lou Jones @WendyLou Writer #books #blogging

The lovely Wendy Lou Jones invited me over to her blog this week. You can see her post here Hello again, and today I’d like to welcome Cathy Ryan to the spotlight. Come on in and take a pew, Cathy. Tell you what, you introduce yourself while I pop the kettle on. Hi, my name is Cathy … Continue reading Having a chat with Wendy Lou Jones @WendyLou Writer #books #blogging

Technology Headaches ~ mobile #wifi

I’m having issues with the mobile wi-fi purchased for the purpose of filling in until the proper wi-fi was able to be connected.  The actual device seems to be at fault which, of course, is past the date for replacement. The only way I can get online is through my phone’s hotspot and that’s so … Continue reading Technology Headaches ~ mobile #wifi

It’s been one of those days….

We moved into our new house ten days before Christmas and had a hectic time, unpacking boxes, cleaning, positioning furniture, generally getting everything straight and up and running before our daughter and grandson arrived. Even the wi-fi seemed to have been connected without a hitch. I should have known it was too good to be … Continue reading It’s been one of those days….