Review Policy/Rating System

Thanks for checking out my review policy.

Please note, my review list is closed until further notice (excluding authors/publishers I’ve worked with previously).  Thank you for your patience.

I am accepting guest post submissions. 

I accept books for review consideration in print, ebooks (must be mobi files or Amazon gifts) and audiobook format. Due to the increasing number of titles submitted I can’t guarantee to answer each request. 

All books reviewed on this blog are either purchased retail or received as review copies from publishers or authors. I do not receive compensation. I don’t accept review requests that require me to purchase the book.

I will give my honest opinion in any review without unnecessary negativity and any criticism will be, I hope, constructive. I read/listen for enjoyment and the reviews are purely my own impressions and point of view.

Submission of a book doesn’t automatically result in a review, sometimes a book just isn’t for me and in that case I would decline to write an unfavourable review.

Genres I prefer include Murder/Mystery, Suspense, Modern detective, Psychological thrillers and Contemporary fiction.

I don’t accept review requests for: Self Help, Non Fiction, Science fiction, Fantasy, Biography, Political, Erotica, Religion or Poetry.

If you wish to contact me regarding reviewing titles, guest posts and/or author interviews please submit a request to or through the contact tab at the top of the page and please include cover image, blurb and links to the book.

NB this review policy is subject to change.


five-stars  – Has that extra something ~ characters fully developed, skilled writing and intriguing plot.

four-half-stars  – Loved it, a really great read ~ engaging story and wonderful characters, likeable and well defined. Well worth reading.

four-stars  – An enjoyable read ~ sound writing with a pleasing storyline and good character portrayals.

three-half-stars  –  Mostly good ~ enjoyed the story: perhaps needs a little work on editing, plot or characters.  

three-stars  – It was OK ~ too much telling/ grammatical/writing errors/plot holes.

Anything under three stars would probably come into the ‘not for me’ category and there will be very few, if any, of these. The above ratings are based purely on my own assessment and opinion and are guidelines only.


14 thoughts on “Review Policy/Rating System

  1. What do you look for in a guest post submission? I just published my first fiction book and was going to see if you were interested in doing a review, but I noticed those were closed for the time being so, I would be interested in discussing what a guest post might look like if you’re interested.


    1. I usually ask for up to 500 words on a family friendly subject of your choice. It can be book related or not. Book and author info would be included, along with relevant images and links. Hope this is helpful.


      1. Absolutely, sorry for delay in response, got back from visiting family for the holidays and have been playing catch up. I would love to do one, I would definitely be family friendly, though, I’ve never done it before so…I may require a little tutelage

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, how I’d do it. If there’s some kind of content you’d like the focus to be on. I’d love to talk something book related but it doesnt have to be book specific…like what makes dystopian books so interesting or something like that but I’m open to ideas. Is it something where I would just make a post for your blog? Or do I spend time there responding to people…or you know, just what that normally looks like in your exp.


      3. A book related topic is absolutely fine. Whatever inspires you. You just write the article and email it to me along with your book info and relevant links and images. I usually include author info too. I’ll set up the post and let you know when it’s going live. You’re very welcome to respond to any comments on the blog. I also share posts to Twitter and my Facebook blog page. Hope this helps.


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