Church Island ~ Menai Bridge #Photography #MondayBlogs

Following on from last week’s post about the Belgian Promenade, as you walk across the causeway on to Church Island you’re met by this amazing tree and the stone plaque that goes with it.

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Walking the Belgian Promenade ~ Menai Strait #Anglesey #Photography #SundayBlogShare

The Belgian Promenade is so named because it was built by Belgian war refugees. More than sixty refugees, men, women and children, fleeing their German occupied home town of Mechelen arrived on Anglesey towards the end of 1914. They showed their appreciation for the help, accommodation and welcome provided by the local people by building the promenade, which was finished in 1916. The pathway follows the Menai Strait from the town of Menai Bridge to Church Island, as shown on Google Earth.

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St Cwyfan’s ~ The Little Church in the Sea #Anglesey #Photography #SundayBlogShare


Built in the 12th century, the church originally perched on the end of a peninsular between two bays. Over the years the sea slowly eroded the peninsular turning it into the tiny island it is today. The church eventually fell into disrepair and became a ruin until it was restored around the mid 1900s. The elements are again causing damage to the building and another appeal has been launched to repair the building. However, the church is still in use and is popular as a wedding venue. Continue reading

More #Menai Suspension Bridge & Strait #Photography

The Menai Bridge was the first iron suspension bridge in the world. Built by Thomas Telford, work began in 1819 and was completed and the bridge opened in 1926. Up until then the only crossing was a dangerous one by boat.

Just to the middle-ish left of the picture, just about visible, is a tiny church, tucked away at the base of the hill. Continue reading

#FridayBookShare ~ Closure by Gillian E Hamer @ShelleyWilson72 #Crime #Paranormal @GillyHamer

#FridayBookShare ~ an excellent idea created by Shelley Wilson

With the weekend approaching it’s the perfect time to seek out new books to read, so Shelley created a Friday Book Share meme to help search for that ideal read.


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